Sunday, July 29, 2012

This is the Moment

Room 13 have been learning about the Olympic Spirit. We read the lyrics and listened to the 1990 Commonwealth Games song - This is the Moment, and decided that its message is very positive and definitely in keeping with the theme of the Olympics.


  1. Kia ora Room 13

    This is the moment that I put that song on my iPod for my triathlon training. Your energy you put into your dance moves will inspire me to keep running, i'll think of you all boogying when I get tired.

    Funny, 1990 wasn't that long ago and I don't even remember that theme song. Oh well, thanks to you guys I'll never forget it now.

    Awesome mahi yet again. Especially the Wharenui graphics ;)
    Ms T x

  2. That was fun to watch Room 13. Thanks for the memories and the energy.

    Mrs Burt

  3. Hi room 13 cool video It was fun to watch they were cool songs.I thing the first song I like in the video was cool I thing that's a good song for the Olympic good work keep it up by Anthony.

  4. hi room 13 I Like your move because it was good And nice and I Love it by Lanzie

  5. hi room 13 i like the thing you have do and i like the song. my favoutie part was the song. keep up the great work from sulieti

  6. Hi room 13 I like the show that you
    did. It is harleries because of the dance

    Keep it up room thirteen