Saturday, May 18, 2013

Making Bread

We were lucky to have a fabulous experience where we actually got to make our own bread.
It was fun watching the yeast do its work, kneading the bread as well as eating of course!


  1. Wow!!! the bread looked amazing I wish I could try some, keep up the good bread making and please tell me the recipe.


  2. Hi miss king i like your Bred that you made i am in room 13 my name is juliet

  3. WOW Room 15!! That bread looks amazing I would like to have some of that delicious bread keep up the good cooking!!!!!!!

    By Toma

  4. Wow Room 15 that bread look great I like the bread that you made in class with your teacher.Hope you keep up the good cooking that you have done in your class rooms. Hope you enjoy your bread that you made in you class with your teacher.