Friday, September 25, 2009

The Big Bad Wolf Attacks

I made this animation after I wrote a story about how the wolf attacked Little Red Riding Hood. It's quite gruesome but I hope you like it.


  1. It'a really crack up how the wolf bites Little REd Riding Hood's head off!

    Have a good day!
    from Brandon

  2. it's a crack up movie - because the wolf rips Little Red Riding Hood's head off! The blood going everywhere was cravck up lol

    from Matthew

  3. your movie is cool because the Wolf bites the little red riding hood head off!

    from nikora

  4. Hi Kayde,
    The movie was crack up because the vicious wolf teard LRRHs head off.

    From Matthew

  5. Hi Kayde
    I love your story about the big bad wolf attacks. I liked the part when the wolf
    was pretending to be little red riding hoods

    Love from Maria.

  6. Hi Kayde,

    I love your animated story. You have used fantastc describing words and exciting sound effects! Fantastic pictures, did you draw them all yourself? You are very clever!

    Miss Gottwald

  7. Hi Kayde
    You are so clever. I am a teacher at Stewart Island and my class and I love your work and want to know what programme you use to make these cool as animations. We also love your classes cross country work.
    Ms J
    Halfmoon Bay School

  8. Hi Kayde

    I love your LRRH attacks because you used interesting words and detail to your animation.The animation you made was made with your cleverness.

    From Matthew