Friday, August 26, 2011

Gotta Share

Thanks "Improv Everywhere" we just loved your musical theatre and wanted to try our own. So, one silly Friday afternoon Room 13 had a go themselves.


  1. Big laughs from Mrs Tele'a. This is so cool and I imagine must have been heaps of fun! Well done Room 13. Have the best weekend, I will now after watching this neat movie. x Mrs Tele'a

  2. Fabulous Room 13 - you are indeed awesome! I must say your new teacher looks like she has things under control there :)

    Keep them coming

    Mrs Burt

  3. Hey Room 13,

    LOVE IT!! Next time I will share too. Your class is wonderful movie makers I wish I was the mayor of the room. What a great movie Room 13. I can't wait to here more from you guys.

    Love From Sela

  4. Hi Room 13,
    I REALLY liked your movie! It was so funny. I especially liked Thea's angry acting. Your class is very intelligent. I hope you do more MTV's like this.
    Way to go!

  5. Hey Room 13,
    I love this movie it is so COOL! I can't wait until the next great movie comes out! I really like how you looked like you guys were singing it but actually you weren't! Anyway keep up the awesome work!!!

  6. That is like so funny room 13 I go on my phone and tweet too.
    by Paris

  7. wow that was so cool nice singing a funky song that teacher must be very angry.

  8. Kia ora Room 13.
    What a great movie wow i wish i was in your class.Your class is on to it Keep up the good work room 13.

  9. room 17 at upper harbour primary schoolSeptember 2, 2011 at 9:58 PM

    You guys are great keep up the good work

  10. Turning off the inter net is not that good some times you need it.Great work.


  11. You guys are AWESOME!! Especially you Thea! I need to share my Net-book with my brothers too!! Keep up the good work and I hope you guys can visit my blog!

    From Jonita,Rm14

  12. Hey Guys
    I really like this video its really funny and i keep on laughing.
    well keep up the good work.

  13. Hi I liked every second of that movie.I will keep on laughing and smiling cause of that fabulous movie.


  14. Hey Guys,
    Love the movie it really cracks me up!
    You have a really intelligent class. I love how you got other people to mouth the song.

    Well done and keep up the good work.

  15. Really nice movie you created nice movement with the lips it matched the song.

    Keep up the good work guys
    God Bless


  16. WOW room 13 that is some great movie. I liked you singing it was really cool. Any way keep up the good work.

    From Te Rina.

  17. Hey Guys
    That was the best movie ever I laughed so much that I lost my laugh. Keep up the Good Work :)

  18. Hi Room 13,
    It me Quaisa I love your awslome movie about Gotta Share and I know that Pt England is always going to share and has too!

    Love Quasia I always going to visit your blog!
    Keep it up!!!!!!!

  19. What a funny movie! Room 13 is full of very talented actors/actresses...but my favourite was Jordenne of course! Great work Room 13...keep it up! :-)
    Jordennes Mummy....

  20. Hi Room 13

    I really love your movie ! It is very creative and funny. It really interests people. Room 13 is a very talented class and yous are very good actresses !
    Good Work and Keep it up.

  21. Hello you super stars! I'm at Ulearn with other teachers including Miss King in Rotorua. I'm in a workshop led by Esther Casey from the National Library who is talking about the mix & mash competition. She just showed your 'Gotta Share' movie to close her workshop. The teachers watching who are from all around NZ think you were great! Well done Room 13, looking forward to another term of creativity from you all.
    Mrs Tele'a

  22. This was really funny and hilarious - looking forward to working with you.



  23. Dear Room 13,

    Hi guys, my name is Miss McQuinn. I am a teacher at Victoria Avenue School in Remuera, Auckland. I was at a conference with your teacher in the holidays and learn't about how your amazing classroom is run and works. I was blown away with you all and now am in the process of trying to convince my lead teachers to allow my kids the same opportunities as you have now.

    I was wondering if I could pleas borrow your Gotta share movie (that made me giggle!) to use in a presentation I will be making for the BOT? Help me show my BOT how amazing this can be for children. What do you think?

    Can I ask what do you think the best things about having a digital class and what are some negatives?

    I would love to hear from you. My email is

    Miss McQuinn and Room 4 at Victoria Avenue School

  24. Hi room 13 that was cool blog you made room 13

  25. hi ROOM 13
    I like your movie how you had darfent vocies TO sing a song by toma .

  26. Hi room 13 that was a fatastic work you done in class.

  27. HI ROOM 13

    I like how you had darfiten vocies as your old vocies
    by TOMA .

  28. Hi room 13
    that was a good comment you made.