Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy TV

What have you done today that made someone's day more awesomer?
Room 15 decided to share some happiness and joy with the kids and teachers at Pt England today.
We had been working for sometime on a concept where Pt Englanders had the opportunity to share simple stories of good news with their community.
What unfolded as we discussed happiness, joy, empathy, sharing and building community, was the idea of a happiness flash mob.

We only hope that you enjoy our movie and perhaps focus on those simple happy moments with your family, friends and classmates.


  1. What a great video! This made me incredibly happy watching all the awesome Pt England kids spread their happy news. Congratulations to Mrs Squire too - what a great achievement!

    Miss Signal

  2. A perfect end to a happy week. Really enjoyed the way you set this up for people to share.

  3. NIce job Room 15 - I love the way you were so fabulous at encouraging the small kids to participate.

    Mrs Burt

  4. Room 15, you make me SOOO happy! I love to see people happy and realising what it is that makes them happy! Do you think you could share this message with more people all around the world and make a happy-revolution? Do you think if people spent more time thinking about what makes them happy that they would be happier? How could we find out?
    Thanks for sharing.
    Anne K

  5. Way cool. I had a smile on my face all the way though. I suppose that was what it was about really- making people smile.

    Great work.




  6. Kia ora Room 15... I harikoa e koutou i āu i te rā nei - You lot made me happy today. I love what you did for the juniors. Who was in charge of making your awesome portable TV? Love it :)
    I wonder what you could do to make the seniors happy?
    Ms T x

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  8. hi room 15 your moive was funny and cool I like the people from my classand your moives was cool

  9. Hi room 15 your movie was fun it look cool and funny with the clowns with the painting on there face you made lot's of year 1,2,3 kids happy nice work keep it up.

  10. Kia ora, its Room 4 here.

    We thought your movie was fabulous because you included the little kids AND the bigger kids showing us how its 'better together'!!
    You sure were spreading happiness to everyone.

    Room 4 and Miss Wild

  11. cool room15 that was a fun moive

  12. Good work all of you in room 15 your class is one and you A cool" and your moive is cool and i love your class from tareek

  13. hi room 15 you peple a cool

  14. I liked how you used a lot of props and I have one question where do you get all these props?