Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Class 12 has been learning about what it means to work hard, never give up and strive for success in all that we do. We have been talking about it, writing about and even making MTVs about it.

Here is a story written by David:

To be a superhero you have to have a positive attitude and be prepared for action. It is like trying to tackle the challenge and achieve excellence in learning. Work hard at life and succeed.

We then turned our ideas and writing into MTVs.
Here is Justus and Javan's


  1. i love the shoe microphone its cool i like you justus and javan :D did you seriously jump over the wall javan O_O

  2. Hi Miss king it is me Hinerangi and I would like to say what a Wonderful movie You have made for this year and you are the very best teacher in the world.Love from Hinerangi and Rm 11.

  3. I like your movie because I liked how you were so brave and it related to your topic. if I was a superhero I would want to be in invisible.

  4. I like the way you used lots of detail in your graphics. And i like your movie because you did good acting well cool Javan in the begining you did a cool animation the band is reaaaaaaallllllly cool you got heaps of detail in your movie. Ha Justus and Javan with the shoe it cracks me up lolololol you did heaps of detail. from Paikea.

  5. Justus and Javan I like the part when you jumped and flew.

  6. Hi Javan
    I like your movie.
    Superheros is my favourite song. KINDA