1. Hi Miss King

    I'm trying to get into Kimberly's blog which i can't find it.

    Can you please email me back for more informations on it.

    Thank you

  2. Hi miss king
    I love all your learning .
    And education in the school.

  3. Wow I loved looking at your blog as I begin to create one for our class of deaf children in Christchurch.
    From Helen King (another one!)

  4. Just clarifying, I can write here if I'm not named Helen King? Hi Helen, just popped in to check out your great space. I love your work! I'm at Haeata Community College during a term with years 4-5-6 while a friend of mine is on maternity leave. I'm hoping to master a clever new bunch of skills while teaching these sweeties, (meaning- tuakana teine ).
    You look like you're having as much fun as I am. I'm hoping to get my lot on Blogger or Wordpress, do you have a preference? Cheers, Josephine Winter