Thursday, April 29, 2010

MTV Volcano

We wrote songs about what we had learnt about volcanoes.
We reckon this is a choice way to help you remember facts and to show off all the great stuff that we learnt.


  1. Annie Kelly-BrownMay 11, 2010 at 8:22 PM

    Hi Dee Hi Samuela, This is Annie Kelly-Brown here Lorenzo's mum. I would like to thank-you for the lovely thank-you letter you wrote. The food was delicious of course and cooked for you happy campers at Camp Kindness by hardworking parents and helpers. I helped by serving you their awesome menus. I happily accept your letter on behalf of everyone that made dinner time yummy! Thank-you for being a happy camper. Have lovely day!

  2. Hi Samuela, Silas, Iva and Studamyer
    Your movie was great and funny,even the dancing was great. Your song was awesome to. Keep up the good work and the great bloging.


  3. Hi boys

    I liked your video and your cool moves. It was cool watching your video. See you next time.

    From KingstonL

  4. Hi Studamyer

    I like your dance and what you did with your friends.

    DJ Room 8

  5. Hi Studamyer

    I like the movie that you made about the volcanoes.

    I like how you sang the song.

    Shirquera Room 8