Thursday, February 24, 2011

Letter to Christchurch

Dear Christchurch

I hope you are all right and I offer you my support and love and my heart. I hope you find all the people who are missing. I feel so sorry for what you are going through I hope you can carry on with your families. I am very sorry that your loved ones have died in this horrible event.

Love Jabez

Dear Christchurch, I hope you are all right and I know that you can find your loved ones. Don’t worry because a lot of people from around the world are going to help all of you.

All our love, Uili

Dear Christchurch, we are sorry that you have lost your hope and your family. We are all feeling so sad that your houses are all broken down. Carry on, don’t give up you can do it. We are worried about your family too. Keep it up Christchurch. Keep your heart warm and safe. Be safe and be happy that some one will come and save your heart. Don’t cry we are here with you.

Love Vaifoa

Dear Christchurch

I am sorry about the earthquake that hit your city and damaged all of your lovely buildings. I wish I could be there to help find the people or look after people who need a friend.

Carry on and don't lose hope in what you know. Try to feel happy about every move you make, don’t feel too down, feel happy.

We love you, from Lesieli


  1. Hi Room 13,

    I like this idea of yours to write letters to Christchurch from your blog. They're very loving and thoughtful. I too hope that they find all the people who are missing and hope that they will be able to rebuild Christchurch so that it can go back to the awesome place it once was. I hope that you'll keep up the lovely work.



  2. Hi Lesieli,Vaifoa and Jabez

    Lovely stories.I hope that the Christchurch people,will make it through this horrific accident.Hopefully the locals will be revived.

    Matthew R

  3. Hi room 13.
    That's really nice of you to write such a lovely letters. I have a friend that lives in Chritchurch and I hope their allright .

  4. Um...Hi Room 13,

    FINE...I do admit that I AM doing weekend blogging, but I just want to say....
    THOSE LETTERS WERE GREAT!! And I'm in Christchurch.

    By Anonymous...
    FINE!!!!! It's me, Iisa STILL in Auckla...Bye!!

  5. Hi Room13,
    It is me Sela that was a lovely movie and writng I hope that the people in Christchurch are imprest
    with you guys is writing, I liked the way when Uili, Jabez, VAifoa and Lesieli wrote nice things,
    I would like to say thanks to Miss King and Room13
    for sharing that was a great letter for Christchurch. That was great leters.