Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tomorrow is the day!

So it is nearly here, the day that we have been waiting for now, for over a year! That's right, tomorrow Room 13 will get their netbooks! We will have video and photos to share with you to show off exactly what went on.
First off, Mrs Burt is going to talk to us all about how to take care of our netbook, how to log in and all the special things that we need to know to make sure our netbook is an amazing tool for learning! After we have signed our agreement, that says we promise to look after netbooks and use them for some choice learning, we will get a chance to look around and play with our OWN netbook before it has to be put away for charging.
I'm not even getting a netbook tomorrow, but I sure am excited for what is about to happen to the learning in room 13!


  1. Hey I really like the story about your net book its a very exciting story about your net book.I hope you all have fun owning your own netbook.

  2. Hey room 13,

    It looks like you guys were all ready to go and we done the same thing, and it is really important to look after your Netbook, and hope you have a blast with your Netbooks. See you guys around.


  3. Hi room 13

    It must have been so long waiting for a bran new netbook. It was just like us but we were the last class to get it.Turning it on then playing around then charging them over night so you could have it fully charge to do same learning for the first time.

  4. Hi room14 I like your story about your netbook,and have fun with your new own netbook.

  5. Hey room 13 I Really liked how you all opened up you're netbooks the right way, that must have been exiting for you. Keep up the great work