Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mary Meets Iron Brion

Yesterday morning, before afternoon tea, Miss King told us there was a special assembly in the hall. I was exited because I had seen parents cooking burgers outside the hall during play time. I thought we were going to get to eat it.
When the bell rang we lined up to go to the hall for the special assembly.I was still exited. When we went to the hall to sit down I saw a girl and a boy their names were Eddie and Sarah. I sat down on the end to give them a high five. Then we started the assembly.
First Eddie called Sarah to come up so we could meet her. We all said hi to her. After that Eddie went to help cook burgers for us. I knew then that we were going to eat the burgers. But what kind of burgers? - I didn't know.


  1. Hi Mary,

    I enjoyed reading your story. I like how you used different lengths of sentences - some short and simple, and some longer and complex. I also like how you included a question at the end. I thought the burgers were quite tasty, but I would have liked a little mustard on about you?

  2. Hi Mrs Barks Mary V Here , I liked the burgers too but I would have wanted mustard on my burger as the same as you. Thank you for commenting on my work.