Thursday, May 6, 2010

Turuhira Iron Brion

On Wednesday after morning tea the seniors and juniors went to assembly. It was funny when Eddy danced to the song. When Iron Brion came out we were screaming. We learnt so much about different Iron. We learnt that meat can be lamb or beef. Did you know that hamburger can be a healthy food?
When we danced with Iron Brion i was nervous when we danced on stage. Then Iron told us he was looking for "the best team to do his muscle moves". When the beef team went up first we shouted and did iron muscle moves. When the other team went up we were so excited to see the other team. Now it was time to chose the winner. When Iron Brion thought about it, it was our team we screamed and shouted "hooray". Finally we had a fresh delicious hamburger.

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