Friday, June 25, 2010

Michael Jackson Movie

Today, we made this movie because it is the 1yr anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. We think he's really cool and wanted to show off our best MJ moves. By working cooperatively in a small group, planning and practicing, we were able to film and edit this movie in just a couple of hours.
What do you think of our dancing?


  1. Kingston I Like your movie and your moon walk. I Like your dace too. well done Max,Kingston and Heremaia.

  2. Well done! What a fantastic way to pay your tributes to a Star! Camera work great and dancing cool. Keep it up you... 'stars in the making!'

  3. Very cool that kids today still relate to the music of Micheal. He is one the last performers that did not incorporate violence and profanity into his music. Very nice dancing! My name is Barry Gartman, and I am a student at University of South Alabama in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class. Feel free to click here to view our class blog, or here to view my blog. Thanks!

  4. Hey Kingston and Heremiah
    That was Funny movie. You guys were awsome. Your moves were cool to. Keep up the great work guys.


  5. hi Max;

    I like that your movie was so cool and that you did some movs of michael jackson love your sister muamua.

    from muamua in Room10.

  6. Well done guys! Great dancing. Our class really enjoyed watching all your Michael Jackson tribute movies on PENN last term. Very entertaining.

    Mrs Lagitupu and Room 23