Friday, June 25, 2010

Michael Jackson Tribute

We made this movie on Friday the 25th of June 2010 because we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. We planned our moves for his song Black Or White and we practiced it to get it right for his anniversary.


  1. Jame I Like your moon walk and I Like your movie. Jame,Onosai and samuela I Like your dace your dace was so funning.

  2. Hi Onosai, Samuela ,James and MJ Movie,
    That was really magnificent and funny. Love the breaking down with it. That was cool. I wish I could sort of dance like that. Keep up the breaking down with it. Just kidding keep up the good work.
    From Makerita Room 15.

  3. Hi James, Samuela and Onasai
    That was a great and funny movie you made. it is nice that your classroom is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Micheal Jacksons death. Anyway keep up the great movies guys.


  4. Hi Onosai, samuela, and James

    I liked your guys movie and I liked the moves because it looked cool. James I liked your moonwalk and I liked your guys moves too Samuela and Onosai. I am looking foward on commenting on some more work.

    From KingstonL