Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Eruption of MT Tapu

Making volcanoes was easy and fun. All you have to get is baking soda, flour, water, salt and dye. Miss King brought all this for us. Making the volcano was so sticky and we painted it. I learned that when a volcano erupted magma turns in to lava. For next time I would add a green screen animation showing people running away from the volcano.

In the begining of exploding our volcano me,Maru,Turuhira and Sesalina were partnears .I enjoyed exploding our volcano and looking at others exploding theres .The thing that we could done better is our voice over. I learnt from doing this about making the volcano and the thing I will change next time is making our voice over more expressive and intresting to listen to.

When we first started art I was excited. My group wasn't good at working together as a team. It was hard to work as a team, We never listened to eachothers conversations about our volcano. I think we learnt more aboutmaking our volcano erupt. When it was time to erupt I couldn't wait because that is what I'd been waiting for. Next time I want my team to work together and help everyone in our team. Our writing was good but we made it to long for our movie, We need to speak fast and put some more intresting detail included.

I enjoyed watching the volcano as it erupted. Heaps of lava came down the mountain. our movie is great but unfortunately our voice over didn't always match. For next time we learnt how to make our voice over a bit faster so it match our movie as well.

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