Friday, July 9, 2010

Mt East Destroys the Village

What I enjoyed about our volcano movie.It was fun making the movie in a group and getting sticky hands from the dough. We could have done our voice over better so it makes more sense.We could work on our paragrahs so the audience. The part we did really well was we cut out the right pieces of the movie and putting the voice over in the right place where the parts are showing. What I learnt from doing this was I found information about volcanoes can do to the land and how people die from volcanoes. I would change the paragrahs and sentences to make sense.Then make the movie and voice over more interesting.

When I watched my group volcano movie I felt amazing but the part I really like was the
explosions. It was fun. The group movie needed to get better by using more detail. The part that the group mostly did well was the voice over. It was fantastic and good. I learnt to make a volcano erupt. What would I change for next time is my green screen. It was very frustrating as we couldn't make it work all the time.

I enjoy doing our volcano movie because we had help from Miss King doing our volcano movie.
We could have done better by making the volcano look more realistic. One part that we really liked was making our volcano erupt.I learned about helping my group and making movies.
What I will change for next time is to help my group creating our proups and acting more in our voice over.


  1. Malo Onosa'i. What a good and thorough reflection you've posted here. It's great that you are able to identify not only the good parts but also the areas in which you need to work on - improve. From your post I can tell that you had a heap of fun as well as learning many interesting things about our active earth. Keep it going Onosa'i.
    Mrs Tele'a

  2. Wow! what an awesome project you did! I enjoyed watching the movie you made and you actually created the props of an erupting volcano plus hearing your cute voices telling a story. It was fun to look at and it was engaging. I originally came from Philippines and we have several active volcanoes around, one famous is Mt. Pinatubo. I haven't seen an actual volcano erupting, only from watching news on tv but looking at your project, I could just imagine how great its damages can do to the places surrounding the volcano. It must be pretty scarry to be out there. It is good that you studied about it and know what causes it to erupt. Good Job kids!!!