Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Eruption of New York

We made our volcano and houses and made the volcano erupt too.
We did really well on our writing and voice over we leant a lot about volcanoes. The thing I enjoyed most was watching our volcano erupt I really, really enjoyed it. Next time I hope I work better with my group.

What did I enjoy about it? I enjoyed making our movie. What could we have done better? Not play around during work time. What part did we do really well? Writing our voice over. What did I learn from doing this? I learnt how to make a volcano and an eruption. What would I change for next time? I would change the colour of the volcano.

I enjoyed making our movie because we had fun doing it.
We could have made better objects to make our movie flash.
We did the editing well and perfect.
I learnt how to cut shapes out better and also how to make objects for our scene.
I will change by spending more time on the work were supposed to be doing instead of mucking around.


  1. Hi, My name is Toni Parrish and I'm taking EMD310 this semester at the University of South Alabama. I wanted to let you know how well you did on your volcano eruption and hope neatly your display was. Keep up the good work and it's nice to see that you can look back and see the way you could improve it next time, that's a great start to a great future!

  2. This is Toni Parrish again, I wanted to leave you my gmail address: and my blog just in case you wanted to do a little research on me!