Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sanimaco Erupts

I enjoyed watching the volcano erupting our village., But we need did need to work
as a team all together. My group did really well by making our village and volcano.
I learnt that volcanos needs pressure to erupt. Next time we will try and get a higher

I enjoyed doing our voice over and making the volcano .We could have drawn some rocks coming out of the crater. The part that we did well is doing our voice over. I learnt about how to make volcanoes making them erupt. Then next time ill change towns name -perhaps to Auckland.

In our movie about our volcano I enjoyed making the animals and painting the box, I also liked making our houses with popsicle sticks and cardboard.We could've done our houses better they were cricked and they didn't look like real ones. I also should have told my group mates to put green moutains behind the volcano that we are going to erupt. My group did well at making stuff and and I am so happy that we've been talking about what we are going to do,we are all happy that we finished at the same time as everybody else. I learnt that a pouch of tissue with baking soda in it atcually slows down the eruption. We also learnt how to make a volcano erupt. If we erupty and make another volcano, we could put a little more effort in and make our volcano look real.

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  1. Wow! you guys rock that volcano looks awesome I hope you have a great time making some more.
    From Dante.