Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Amazing Eruption of Street Drop

I really liked how we made our shape of the volcano and I also enjoyed painting it.We could have put more effort on planing our ideas. As you can tell it was a shield volcano.I guess we had put alot of detail in our story. And that's what I think! Next time we can change the trees. Some times we haden't work well as a group but in the end it was alright because at least we finished it. Right!
Mary V

I really liked it when the volcano erupted.
Our group should put more details and more information in our voice-over and volcano movie.
The best part that we have did well was working together as a group .
I learnt to be a nicer person and being helpful to a group I work with.
Next time I would change to save my green screen animation correctly and not to draw six times.

I enjoyed making and exploding my volcano. My group helped together to build the houses and the big volcano to get them ready. My team went first, I felt happy. The lava came pouring out of the crater. We made a good movie.

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  1. Britney, Mary V and Osana, you did a great presentation of your project. It showed that you put a lot of effort in making that movie. I believe you had a great time while learning about volcano eruption. You shared it clearly in your narration on the video. I think you should get a good credit or grade from your teacher.