Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Most Dangerous Volcano

I enioyed making our volcano erupt by using vinegar and baking soda.My group did really well at making our volcano scene. I like learning about how pressure makes a volcano erupt. Next time my group could do better by woking together.

When I watched my Volcano eruption it was amazing because lava came out of the volcano
and destroyed Eastland. To make my movie better I could've put some interesting things so it
could not be boring to watch. The part that was really good was when the lava that came out of
the volcano and destroyed the land. The thing that I have learnt from doing this eruption was by
using the ingredients to make it erupt. Next time I will change my voice-over to make it better
and interesting.

Wow! Making a volcano was really going to be exiting. We got into partners, we were ready to go and make a such exciting volcano. First we made dough, then made it into a volcano shape. After we shaped our volcano we thought we could do better so we made a perfect shaped volcano. The part we all did well was making a river, trees, clouds and creating the scene. I learned how to make and create other things. To change things next time I will work harder to get higher points and take turns with my partner and help.
Mary L


  1. Hi Mary I love your animation it is so cool. Your story is so nice too I really like it when the Volcano erupted.

    keep up the hard work

  2. Hey Mary your movie is really cool and your story is awesome. I really like everything in the movie.

    Keep up the great movies.

  3. WOW, what a great idea. I think my students will want to try this. Thank you.

  4. Hi I really like the way when the volcano erupted.

  5. Hi I really like the story about the volcano that exploded because it looked real to me anyways keep up the work.

  6. WOW Mr wood our teacher said that we are making a volcano. I'll be shore to post i on my blog.