Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Islands Of Tonga!

The islands of Tonga is relaxing but pretty hot. The beach it gives you a good view around the deep blue sea and down town. When you go to the beach it reminds you of Fiji because of the fabulous coconut trees and the nice warm sun. I think that the islands of Tonga are pretty nice islands to go to.


  1. James - look at all this amazing writing that you are doing in your holidays! I think that you are doing more work than me! I am loving reading about your views on things that are important to you.
    I wonder what's coming next?

  2. Hi james have you been to Tonga! It has a great view of the sea. I Might go to Tonga next year and it will be my first time going. TONGA!!!

  3. James, you have a great picture presentation and prompt of these beautiful Island. It was very inviting. I wish to go there someday with my family and spend some time in the beach. If you could share with me some more about this beautiful Island, I might strongly recommend it to my friends who also loves to travel.I think you did a good job here, James!