Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Capture the Flag

Under the relentless sun Starford dodged, sidestepped and dived for the trophy. He got the flag and dashed for the line.

While Jesiah twisted and turned he distracted the other team and I was able to scurry like a rat over the line and score a point.

“Jesiah hurry up and rescue me.” I yelled scarily, as I waved my hands up. “What? I’m coming” screamed Jesiah intensely, as he waited for a gap in the defense.



  1. Hi Studamyer,
    Its good to see that you had used so many interesting words when you wrote this post! Well done!

  2. what an amazing story you made I,m sure you had a great time on capture the flag and a nice time

  3. Great story. Sounds like you had tons of fun playing capture the flag.