Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Caroline's Favourite Thing at Camp.

As I crept up the stairs I saw that it was no where near my turn to go down the slide I kept on talking to my friends and I looked up in front of me and saw all the Pt Englanders that wanted a turn. They zoomed down the slide so so fast as fast as they could. Now it was close to be my turn the slide was so dark and scary in the middle I kept on falling over when I tried to sit up .
When I got to the end all the water splashed into my face.


  1. hi carolinemy name is honiara I just looked at your work you rock keep it up.

  2. hi caroline it me mum i love your work and that the work I want to see from you you rock.

  3. Hi Caroline! My name is Heather Love. I have been assigned your blog to read. I think its great you faced your fears and went down that slide! Your writing is awesome! Keep it up!