Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mary's Favourite Thing at Camp

Climbing the stairs I felt like I would never have a turn. My skin was shivering cold as I watched the boys going down the dark hole, with water splashing around them. When it was my turn I waited for the green light to come on. As it finally lit up I slid and screamed down the dark tunnel. As I screamed and slid down that dark tube I saw a bright light come nearer, I knew it was the end. SPLASH! The water splattered all over my face.

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  1. Mary, you left a wonderful post on your class's blog!! You were so descriptive, I felt like I was going down the slide!! I'm glad you had fun, I always went to camp as a little girl, and water slides are my favorite! I came to your post as an assignment for one of my own classes at the University of South Alabama. You can check our class blog out at http://www.edm310.blogspot.com or my blog at http://www.longeneckerhollyedm310.blogspot.com