Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lorenzo goes Kayaking

On Thursday we went to the beach to do kayaking. First we had a lesson. After we had a lesson we got in to the kayaks and we started to paddled. When I turned I fell in the water and it was cold. I jumped back into the kayak and I fell back in to the sea water and this time it was very cold. but I was not scared


  1. Hi. It sounds like you guys had lots of fun. I am pleased that you did not give up eventhough the water was cold. You gave it a go and now you can share your experiences with others. Keep up the Awesome work.

  2. Hey Lorenzo you are a very good writer i hope you were frezzing when you came out was that your first time going kayaking

    from Starford

  3. Hi Lorenzo,
    I really enjoyed your story and hope that you
    write another great story.
    Keep up the good work.
    By Joshua

  4. Hello Lorenzo, I liked your story about your kayaking experience. I haven't been kayaking yet, but it sounds like fun. I hopefully I will be as brave as you when I try it.