Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Max's Camp Thoughts


  1. Hi Max,The camp is so cool becauses this is your first camp their is a lot of fun,and the Teachers are so good,and i never seeing any Teachers help and playing with there school kidz before in my life,but anyway keep up the good work also lookforwd to the next camp,Thanks to Mr Burt for inviting all parents to the camp,you are the cool and kind princple in the Pt England School keep it up the good work?Max also like camp and also like to help,God bless, Frm Max Mautinoa L?

  2. Hi Max,it is so good at camp,your camp is lost of fun and much much you have learn from it,keep up the good work and best of luck,Frm your Mum.

  3. Hi Max,
    I really like your move because
    It is really cool and fun to watch it
    Love from your sister Muamua.

  4. Hello from Alabama! My name is Rebecca and I came across your blog as part of an assignment for one of my college classes. I hope you have a wonderful experience at camp. I remember when I was younger and went to camp...such fun memories that I will have forever!

  5. Hi Max'
    Hi Max I like your work about camp.

    by muamua. nikki;