Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kingston's Favourite Thing at Camp


Miss Garden screamed ''shush'' as my friends and I were having a fight in the tent.It was fun but unfortunately we had to stop.We sat quietly back down and began to eat Tim Tams. While we were eating Tim Tams I took five Tim Tams and put it in my mouth. The Tim Tams were running down my mouth like a huge wave going down my throat.


  1. FIVE Tim Tams in your mouth!! Unbelieveable! What a great piece of writing though. That great wave must have been a Tsunami more like it. I loved seeing your video footage too - Good Morning :) Mrs Burt

  2. hey kingston you had a good day at camp

  3. It sounds like you had so much fun at camp! I'm not sure what Tim Tams are, but it sounds like playing chubby bunny. I use to play chubby bunny when I was a kid. You see how many marshmallows you can stick in your mouth and after every marshmallow you say chubby bunny! It was always a good time! Your video was very neat as well, and I loved the music! Great blog Kingston!

  4. Annie Kelly-BrownMay 11, 2010 at 8:59 PM

    Dear Kingston, This is Annie Kelly-Brown, Lorenzo's mum. Thank-you very much for the thank-you letter you wrote. It's awesome to be appreciated by happy campers who enjoyed their yummy, tasty delicious meals. I really love the designs and pictures that you, Onosai, Jesiah, Studamyer and Samuela drew on the letters. You are all artistic! I share all your letters with all the hardworking parents and helpers who made Camp Kindness possible. Thank-you for being a happy camper! I'm sure you parents are proud of you all. Have a lovely day!