Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Osana's Favourite Thing at Camp

At camp my favourite activity was kayaking. The first group were kayaking down by the sea. Kindcrew were at PointEnglandSchool. They needed a boat and a paddle,and some instructions. The rules were , stay in the little bay and don't go past the teachers.I was so scared beacause I thought that I was going to go past the teachers.I was nervous about the paddles,beacause I might not use them proprerly.I was excited to get out of the boat beacause I was cold in the canoe , and I had a nice warm shower.I was cold at the reserve beacause the wind was blowing in and it also made the waves go left.I learnt that if I paddle left it will take me to the right,but if I paddle it will take me to the left where the waves are going. I felt so glad.

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