Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Swap - Manaiakalani Film Festival

Gloria, Kaycee and Tyla began writing the story for this movie back in May. Originally the story involved many characters with intertwined stories. It was really quite elaborate. Upon storyboarding the shots, the girls discovered that we needed far longer than 3minutes to be able to tell the complete story. Therefore, we decided to cut back the story to simply two of the characters but maintain the intertwined storyline as best we could.
The most fun part was certainly choosing songs to be able to convey the message and tell the story - we hope we did a good job.
Because of really clear storyboarding, filming was a breeze - not to mention having great actors in Isara and Tyla.
Editing really was the trickiest part of the whole process. After saving every fourth frame of the filming, importing the jpegs to Hyperstudio, they built an animation around each scene. This became quite confusing and certainly time consuming. The girls had to think really carefully about the scenes, the animation and the message.
Eventually each animation was imported into iMovie and the story began to take shape.
The whole process of putting together this movie was long and involved, but Miss King is super proud that we were able to tackle this new technique in movie making.