Saturday, January 8, 2011

my Reflection 2010

This year we have a cool time and sometime we have to go to play game and my favourite sports is rugby and I have enjoyed going out playing game and my favourite thing about year 5 being cool and bad. When I first came to Pt England school I didn't know how to write much on 28 of July and now I can write some stories on my own now.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My 2010 reflection

What i have enjoyed this year was going on trip to one tree hill because we got to touch lava rock’s from the volcanoes. This year what I enjoyed learning the most was camp because we got to paddle in the canoe at the Pt England reserve. I would of liked to do more of sport’s and writing, maths, reading and fun games outside. I have liked learning how to get better at writing because i use to suck at writing. What I want to work harder at is maths because I forget my time tables.
My best memories from this year are athletics day and capture the flag because they remind me of the time we played midnight. My goal’s for next year are to go up more levels on my writing and maths. The way like working is by talking in a group to get good ideas. The thing that improved on is reading because i moved up a couple of levels.

Monday, January 3, 2011

My 2010 reflection

This year I have enjoyed doing arts and crafts and going on trips.I have enjoyed learning how to put sentences in their right places full stops and capital letters.Iwish i could do more animation movie making and swimming.I think I could have worked harder in putting more infomation interesting facts. My best memories for this year was doing my bee animation and making songs.Next year my goal is to put full stops in the right places and capital letters after a fullstop.The best way to learn for me is to keep practincing and trying my best to get it doneImproving the most for me was doing my song with my partner and animation with my little critter.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My 2010 Reflection

What have I enjoyed doing is playing games I played Touch my friends.What have I enjoyed learning the most is maths and reading . Which things would I have liked to have done more of reading and learning. What have I liked learning it is maths and reading.The end

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mary V 2010 Reflection

Being a year 5 and learning as a year 5 is fun and has made me learn much more about some of the subjects. We have been on lots of trips and adventures but most of all, we have been having our own google apps with our own user name and password . That is my favourite part of all!

While having our own google apps we have been learning about our topic which is little critters. I love learning about little critters because critters are easy to explain for me. The only critter that I have learned more about is Honey bees. I have bees, write about bees, read about bees and sang a song about bees.

I could have worked harder at doing maths work sheets because maths is my hardest subject except for time tables, pluses and subtractions. My only goal is to pass university and become a doctor. Next year I want to be the number one at maths.

Caroline's 2010 refletion

Its amazing being an year 5 because Miss King is an cool and brainy teacher she makes us laugh and she is super kind because she takes us out and play some of he made up games also we have been on lots of trips and adventures but most of we a getting our own netbooks also if you pay it you get to keep it.That is cool aye!

I have enjoyed this year is sports, the thing I have enjoyed the most is art and camp.I mostly walk around with my friends when it was camp, that was the thing I liked and done more of.I liked learning this year is reading and maths,I think i could work harder at writing. My best memories this year is is going to One Tree Hill.My goals next year is going to more trips. Before next year I want to get my rubrick mark higher,the thinng I have improved my maths and sort or reading