Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chelsea's Special Birthday

My movie is about my favourite birthday. Here you will see what we do. I have used Hyperstudio and iMovie to make my animation.
Please sit back and enjoy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Profiteroles - Our amazing writing

"Mmmmm"I thought to myself as I glanced at the chocolate sauce as it was dropping on the plate -like it was a waterfall crashing on to the rocks and the pastry was drowning in it's sweetness.The pool of chocolate below was increasing like it was gaining more volume as it was dropping from up high.I could imagine the profiterole slithering down my throat and laying and resting in its final place- my stomach. Like heaven, I could see creaminess inside the profiterole as I was eager for this scrumptious delight. Like a dream I was in a natural rainforest, exploring for sickly sweet profiteroles, smelling so delectable and wafting in to my nostrils. Like a tsunami it ruined my precious teeth, but tasted delicious.


Gluey and lumpy drops from the chocolate profiteroles oozed down my throat and it felt like a snake slithering down my neck.

The chocolate stuck fast to my lips I stared at the puddle of tasty sauce while thousands of delightful tears fell down the side of the profiterole.

Crusty and crunchy the three towers of delight were sandwiched between a heaven of cream with chocolate drops.

Chocolate covered morsels with dripping balls of sickly sweetness covered the glinting melted chocolate.

Thousands of tiny drops made a three towered heavenly tasting profiterole.


Looking at what seemed to be a profiterole it tempted me to eat it as it looked like a slice of heaven with billions or trillions of chocolate droplets dripping down the delicious pastry.

Stuttering I looked at the amazing dessert with such sticky gooey pastry, "It looks like a waterfall" I could amagine the whole profiterole crashing and laying at its final resting place in my stomach.

"Mmmmm" I thought to myself as a thick and well detailed dessert lay in front of me. My eyes glanced at this delicious pastry sleeping before my dribbling wet mouth.

Stuck between a crunchy layer of heaven the chocolate had a battle that I won, as the sticky dessert went down my oesophagus and into my stomach.

I stared at this delicious pastry, surrounded by a pool of chocolate, laying glistening and glinting like a lightning strike.


As I was staring at the tantalizing treat, it seemed that from close up the chocolate sauce looked as if it was dried cement.

Sniffing the brown, damp puddle of chocolate sauce,I could see a monsterous pool of maroon melted chocolate.

Round and bald the delicous treat glistened and glinted as if it was lying under the amazing brilliant moon.

The mouth-watering, sickley sweetness taste of the profiteroles allured me to this amazingly scrumptious desert

Huge towers of delightful maroon coloured chocolate sauce slid down to produce a puddle of tasty sweetness.

By Kayde.

Forever, Simply ME!

Forever Simply ME!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The three big profiteroles were thick and gloopy. Thousands of tiny drops made a pool of chocolate sauce. The cream was sandwiched between the crusty and crunchy pieces of cake. The chocolate covered morsels were delightful. They tasted soooo sweet that they made me feel sick.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On Top of Spaghetti

This animation was made by a talented group of girls who storyboarded, animated and put together the movie using Hyperstudio and iMovie.

On Top of Spaghetti

First of all we listened to the song On Top Of Spaghetti to get an idea of what to animate. We hope you enjoy our animation that we created in Hyperstudio.

Friday, September 25, 2009

These are our really cool masks that we made using paper mache. Each mask represents a fairytale character that we chose. We used Keynote to incorporate photos of our masks and photos of ourselves.

The Big Bad Wolf Attacks

I made this animation after I wrote a story about how the wolf attacked Little Red Riding Hood. It's quite gruesome but I hope you like it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Cross Country Animations

These are some animations made in Hyperstudio with peices of our writing that recount our school cross country event.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

News Flash - What really happened when Jack climbed the beanstalk?

Room 14 thought really carefully about what actually happened high up in the clouds at the end of the beanstalk and they came up with this cool news item to share their ideas.
Nezinli, Kayde, Matthew, Toko and Tui worked amazingly hard on the animations using Photoshop and Hyperstudio while Shawn, Joseph and Toko provided the voiceovers.
We hope you enjoy it.
Catch the full quality clip on SchoolTV in the next couple of weeks.
Triangle TV 5.45pm on Wednesdays.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Humpty Dumpty by Misi

Humpty Dumpty tumbles off that wall again, this time its Misi's wonderful Hyperstudio animation skills that we're showing off.

Incy Wincy Spider by Miracle

Miracle made this animation of incy wincy spider in Hyperstudio. He got his friends to help him sing the song.

Three Blind Mice by Chelsea

Using Hyperstudio and iMovie Chelsea has made this animation of the nursery rhyme - Three Blind Mice.

Humpty Dumpty by Joseph

Joseph made this animation in Hyperstudio and with iMovie. Check out poor Humpty as he tumbles off the wall.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - The Ending

As Goldilocks woke up she spotted three hairy, fat and grumpy bears staring at her. She yelled, “AH I’m going to get eaten!” She jumped out of little bear’s bed and ran hastily down the stairs. Goldilocks opened the door and ran through the enchanted forest, crying for her mum. Soon she was back at her house and in her mother’s awaiting arms.

Just then Goldilocks woke up and she saw three horrified bears, she started to scream “HAAAAA’ and fell out of the bed panicking. Father bear then roared as angrily as he could “What are you doing in my house?” Goldilocks suddenly saw a gap between the bears, she ran as fast as she could through the gap. She rushed into the enchanted forest and never returned again.

Just after Goldilocks’ sleep the three bears returned from their picnic. “Hey who fractured out window?” Thought father bear. Walking inside they kept stepping on the broken glass, crunch, crunch, crunch. They walked towards the table, “Who ate my porridge?” Yelled baby bear. They continued on through to the chamber and that’s when Goldilocks began to scream. She tried running but Papa Bear caught her by her leg. Goldilocks thought quickly and grabbed her pistol from her knickers and shot the three bears right through the heart.

“Ahh” Goldilocks yawned as she woke up. She rubbed her eyes twice and was about to get her stuff ready to go back home when suddenly three huge horrific bears were standing right in front of her. “What are you doing in my house?” Father bear said angrily. Goldilocks hesitated to answer, “ah oh” she said quietly to herself. “Well aren’t you going to go?” on of the bears said calmly. Goldilocks quickly packed her things and ran down the stairs in confusion. She opened the door, headed over the hills and back home again.

Just then, Goldilocks woke up. What she saw standing in front of her were the three bears staring at her. She screamed “Help” but there was no way to escape. All the windows and doors were locked. Then she thought that she had an idea. Goldilocks had long hair like Rapunzel, so she tied her hair to the bars on the windows and started to climb down. The Papa Bear went upstairs and said, “I’m coming to get you Goldilocks.” When he got into the room he saw her hair dangling out the window. He started to pull her hair. Goldilocks had forgotten that she had scissors in her pocket and now she had no choice, she cut her hair and shouted, “I’m free!” “I will get you one day” hissed father bear. Goldilocks never came back to the enchanting forest again.

Waking up with blurry eyes Goldilocks found herself looking at three brown hairy bears. “Ahhhh!” Goldilocks screamed in panick. She tried to talk but she was speechless. Putting their paws on their hips and looking angrily at Goldilocks the bears began to question her. “Why did you break my chair? Exclaimed little bear. “Yeah it took me two months to build and paint it,” said Papa Bear said angrily.
Still panicking Goldilocks dashed quickly out of bed and squeezed past mother and papa bear. She ran down the stairs screaming her head off and out the door. “Why didn’t I go to the summery forest instead?” She thought desperately, running across the snow and back home.

Just then Goldilocks woke up and she heard a noise coming up the steps, it was the three bears and they were angry. “Who ate all our food?” they shouted. Goldilocks screamed and called for help, but nobody came. As the three bears went into their bedroom, Goldilocks ran straight out the door and into the enchanted forest crying for her mummy all the way home.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - The Beginning

Beside a small spooky forest lived a greedy girl called Goldilocks. Her mum, who was busy on the phone, was getting annoyed with her big mouth. After a little while Goldilocks was still shouting so her mum got angry and while shoving a sock in her mouth screamed “Go outside and have a walk in the enchanted forest.” So off Goldilocks went.
After a while Goldilocks saw a brown bunny hoping along so she ran after it until she was blinded by a light coming from a piece of shiny, silvery metal. As she got closer she noticed that it was in fact a house. Goldilocks grabbed a black rock and cracked the window. CRASH! Then she jumped in and plunged to the ground. On the table goldilocks spotted some porridge so she began to walk towards it.

A little girl named Goldilocks worked for her mother to earn notes and coins. She was asked to pick some flowers for her cousin’s birthday that was to be held in the enchanted forest later that afternoon.
Goldilocks strolled quickly through the forest so she could return home in time. However, she came across a little cottage. Goldilocks knocked on the door and asked, “Is anyone there?” No one answered but Goldilocks could smell something delicious. As she peered in she spotted three steamy bowls of porridge on the table.

On a beautiful sunny day Goldilocks had nothing to do, she wanted some fresh air, so decided to go for a walk in the enchanting forest. After taking just one step she could smell hot steaming porridge. Goldilocks sniffed and sniffed, walking along until she found it. Suddenly she turned her head around and saw a strange house. Goldilocks crept inside and found the porridge in three bowls on top of the table.

A small girl named Goldilocks lived at home with her mum. One day Goldilocks made her mum very angry. Her mum then threatened to kill her if she didn’t get out of the house. “What did I do?” Goldilocks asked as she started to cry. Her mum didn’t answer, “Just get out!” So Goldilocks opened the door and set off on an adventure. “Why didn’t I come out here before?” Goldilocks mumbled, “Look at all these beautiful flowers and the bright sunshine.” But what Goldilocks didn’t know was that she was actually in a forest filled with wild animals. Hours went by and by this time Goldilocks was deep in the forest. She saw a glimpse of light so she ran towards it. She finally came to the thatched house and knocked on the door but no one answered. So she walked around the side of the house and saw a window, so she smashed it with her fist and quickly jumped inside.

Beside a village there lived a widow and her daughter. The daughter’s name was Goldilocks. She was around seven or eight with beautiful blonde hair and a small aqua blue dress. In their dimly lit cottage the widow was furious with Goldilocks’ laziness and so threatened her “Goldilocks, get out of my house and go for a walk!” In just a few seconds Goldilocks was out the door. On her walk Goldilocks found herself lost in a wintry forest, but in the distance she could see a small cottage next to a tree that full of snow. Goldilocks walked closer and closer to the cottage and it began to grow and grow. When she was in front of the door the cottage was two times her size. Goldilocks went up to the right hand window and had a little peek, the house looked deserted. She knocked on the door several times and when she realized that it was unlocked she wet strange in.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Wheels on the Bus

Tui has finished another Hyperstudio animation - this time about the Wheels on the Bus.
Listen to his beautiful singing and tell him what you think.

Humpty Dumpty

Nezinli has turned the classic nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty into a great animation using Hyperstudio and iMovie.

Row Row Row your Boat

Micheal made this animation using Hyperstudio and iMovie.
Enjoy and let him know what you think.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Learning New Vocabulary

Room 14 are learning lots of new vocabulary. As we learn each word we practise saying it, spelling it, using it and finally when we're super clever, we can explain what it means.
Kayde, Joseph and Micheal made the animations using I Can Animate.

The Pied Piper

The Pied Piper played a beautiful and mystical tune. (Toko)

Scuttling and scampering were a sea of rats. (Tina)

All the rats were attracted to the mystical tune. (Tui)

As a piper played his flute the sea of rats were lured by the mystical tune. (Hossanah)

Underneath the towering turrets a piper played a mystical tune. (Hossanah)

Standing beside the waterfall was a piper playing a mystical tune. (Chanel)

On a dark mysterious night the piper waited for the right moment to play his mystical tune. (Shawn)

Beneath the glinting moonlight there was a diminutive village where all of the rats were hypnotized by the mystical tune. (Nezinli)

Under the bright shining moon a piper and his flute played a mystical tune. (Dominiq)

Under the crescent moon, in the gloomy shadows the piper played a stupendously, breathtaking and mystical tune. (Matthew)

As the rats ran the piper played a luring and mystical tune. (Naomi)

While the children followed the piper they listened to his mystical tune. (Chelsea)

As the piper played his small flute, the revolting rats were hypnotized by his mystical tune. (Kayde)

Directing millions of rats out of the village was a strange man playing a mystical tune. (Kayde)

Beside the ancient fountain leant a piper who was waiting to play his mystical tune. (Sifa)

On a dark night stood a piper playing a mystical tune. (Lewis)

From the piper’s flute there played a mystical tune. (Emilee)

As the piper played his flute the rats were lured by the mystical tune. (Te Roimata)

Incy Wincy Spider

Using Hyperstudio and iMovie Tui has made this awesome animation about the popular children's nursery rhyme - Incy Wincy Spider.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What did Cinderella say to the Fairy Godmother?

“I am so beautiful in this dress” Cinderella exclaimed, looking at herself in amazement underneath the moonlight of the full moon. “I am more beautiful than my two ugly sisters. Oh and I don’t need you anymore, “ She snapped at the Fairy Godmother. “I have all that I want right here.” How dare you speak to like that” The Fairy Godmother replied. “If you need help again then you are completely out of you mind.” She added crazily.

“Hurry Fairy Godmother,” Begged Cinderella. “The ball is going to start in a minute.” “I’m trying to hurry Cinderella,” Replied the Fairy Godmother, “But my wand has broken.”

Looking at her dress in amazement Cinderella smiled, “Wow! I look so beautiful I know the prince will pick me.”
(Te Roimata)

Starring into her reflection in the calm water, Cinderella gloated, “Wow! Look I am the most beautiful princess in the whole world!” “You are.” Replied the Fairy Godmother, “But if you don’t go right now then the ball will finish before you get there and your so called Prince Charming, will live happily ever after with someone else.”

“Wow!” Gushed Cinderella, “Look at my beautifully, magnificent dress – it is stunningly beautiful.” “Oh my dear, I agree,” stated the Fairy Godmother. “Now hurry before someone steals your prince.”

Standing on the edge of the pond, showing off, Cinderella cried “I look like such a stunning beauty in this bright, magnificent, blue dress.” Her Fairy Godmother replied anxiously, laughing a little “ You look stunning but you should get a move on or your prince will be stolen by one of your ugly sisters.

Standing in the moonlight Cinderella stated “Wow! My clothes are stunning. Thank-you Fairy Godmother.” “Well you are welcome Cinderella.” The Fairy Godmother replied. “But by the way – I think you’re late.”

“Wow! Look at my lovely dress” exclaimed Cinderella. “Yes!” called the Fairy Godmother, “You are stunning.”

“Wow! Look at my beautiful dress” Cinderella exclaimed standing on the edge of the pond. “Hurry, hurry, you must hurry or your prince charming will marry someone else” Warned the Fairy Godmother. “And remember you must be home by midnight!”

“Wow! Look at my beautiful reflection in the pond” Gloated Cinderella. “Don’t I look stunning?” “You sure do Cinderella” Smiled the Fairy Godmother. “But if you don’t hurry up your beloved prince will be with some other princess.”

“Hey! Do I look wonderful or not? I can’t wait to dance with the prince”, smiled Cinderella. “Oh yes you do look wonderful,” answered the Fairy Godmother. “But if you want to dance with the prince you’ll have to get a move on.”

“Hey! You better not fall into that water!” Begged the fairy Godmother. “Oh no I’m not going to fall,” replied Cinderella.

Snow White's Bedtime Story

On a freaky, stormy night in a shadowy and warm cottage, Snow White and the seven dwarves were telling a spooky story. (Micheal)

On a strange, dark night in a warm, quiet cottage, Snow White and the seven dwarves were telling spooky stories. (Misi)

On a gloomy, shadowy night in a warm and cosy cottage, Snow White and the seven dwarves are telling some scary and spooky stories. (Joseph)

On a stormy, thundery night in a warm and cosy cottage, Snow White and the seven dwarves are telling scary and spooky stories. (Dominiq)

Deep in a dark forest, inside a small wooden cottage, Snow White is nestled up under a patchwork quilt sharing bedtime stories with the seven dwarves. (Room 14)

The Gingerbread Man

As part of learning about storytelling Room 14 got to decorate some delicious Gingerbread Men made by their teacher Miss K. Here's a movie showing the decorating along with some of the children's writing about the experience.

A Day Out

Shawn, Tui and Micheal have made this lovely I Can Animate about what a dinosaur might get up to during a day in town.

Monday, July 27, 2009

T-Rex Battles

These boys have made an I Can Animate animation showing us how vicious Tyrannosaurus could be towards other dinosaurs.

Dinos using their WITS

Matthew, Lewis have made this I Can Animate movie showing how we use our WITS at PT England to solve problems.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tui's Tyrannosaurus Rex Dino-Learning Object

Tui has made this fantastic DLO in Hyperstudio and it's all about the carnivorous T-Rex.

Miracles' Diplodocus Dino-Learning Object

Miracle's DLO is all about this massive Sauropod - Diplodocus.

Matthew's Iguanodon Dino-Learning Object

Matthew learnt all about the Iguanodon, a very fierce dinosaur, and has put all his information into this Hyperstudio animation.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Toko's Pterodactylus Dino-Learning Object

Toko has learnt all about Pteredactyl who was a flying reptile that was alive during the Age of Reptiles. What has he taught you about these flying carnivores?

Sifa's Tyrannosaurus Rex Dino-Learning Object

Sifa has done some amazing research about T-Rex.
Check out his animation learn lots of new information.

Nezinli's Ankylosaurus Dino-Learning Object

Nezinli learnt all about the Anklosaurus. Have a look and see what he can teach you about this fascinating dinosaur in his Hyperstudio animation.

Kayde's Triceratop Dino-Learning Object

Learn about Triceratops with Kayde's help.

Hossanah's Stegosaurus Dino-Learning Object

Learn all about the Stegosaurus with Hossanah's help.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Are You Smarter than A Dinosaur?

How much do you know about dinosaurs?
Room 14 wrote, starred, produced and filmed this game show that asks that simple question- Are you smarter than a dinosaur?

An Interview with a Dinosaur

Have you ever wondered what a dinosaur would say if you got the chance to interview him?
Here Room 14 have asked all those pressing questions and received some interesting answers.

What do we look like in Room 14?

Who are the fabulous kids in room 14?
Don't you think that we are all beautiful?