Monday, November 29, 2010

art in room fourteen

Rm 14 drew some picture of little critter on a large peace of paper for art. first we had to get a book with lots of bugs. then we had to copy our favourite bug i drew a common butter fly with green and blue wings when i finished colouring i dyed it in blue because it matches my butterfly after that miss king glued it on a black paper.

Andrea's Bug Art

When room 14 do art we add it on our blog to show other countries what we have learnt. I drew a butterfly that is blue and green to try make it interesting. We drew with pencil then went over it with crayon to make it stand out in the dye. Then we started adding colour to make it even more interesting. With my inspiring ideas I made a beautiful butterfly.

Caroline's Bug Artwork

Room 14 made cool little bugs.
Last week on Wednesday afternoon we drew little critters , I drew a snail. First we looked carefully at the snail and drew a picture it felt hard to draw. After that we coloured until were finish colouring after we coloured I died my picture blue and other people dyed different colouror they could dye it blue.

Scorpions out attacking

Living in dry lands are hundreds of scorpions that are fearsome and venomous, poisoning their prey. Scorpions have two large pincers joined onto their three body parts always ready to attack. Their narrow curved tail injects venom into animals or critters that gets in its way.

Very quietly a scorpions can jump out from nowhere and stab you with there evil tail. The tail is one of the parts on scorpions body and it has a stinger on the tip of the tail. You better watch out.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Roman scorpions

It the desert the grasping cbws of the scorpions hold it's prey and paralyses it with it's venom. this viscious scorpios used his shony tail to inject the venom. Did you

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Monarch Butterfly

The tiny egg begins to hatch out. When it hatches it wriggles and wriggles untill the caterpillar comes out from the egg. When it comes out it eats nice food from their shell then they look for food and they eat and eat untill they are fat. When it eats and eats untll he is fat, they hang up side down and turn into a chrysalis. It takes hours to turn into a chrysalis. It hangs there for two weeks. When the monarch butterfly hatches from the chrysalis it waits untill the wings dry before it goes to look for milkweed and fly free around the place with their family and friends.

Monarch Butterflys

Life for a monarch starts as a tiny egg. The female will lay eggs. Several days after the egg has been laid, the caterpillar will start to nibble on its egg. Once the egg has been widened the caterpillar start crawling out of the egg. The caterpillar will soon return to the egg and will eat the egg . After the egg has been eaten the caterpillar will crawl across to a leaf the caterpillar eats milk weed leaves the caterpillar will eat until it is fat enough then it will find a twig and hang from it and slowly form a chrysalis.
The chrysalis will start opening and the caterpillar has now formed into are beautiful butterfly. The butterfly will struggle to get out of the chrysalis , at first the butterflys wings are not full size, but in a couple of minutes the wings expand to its natural size. It is now an adult, it will spend its day sucking nector from flowers and starting the life cycle once again.

Hosannah Butterfly Story

A monarch butterfly lays its egg on a leaf. It hatches between three and twelve days. A catterpiller emerges out of the egg ready to eat.

As soon as the catterpiller comes out, it starts to squim around and eats the swomp plant. Whileits starts to have poison in its body. once its fat, the catterpiller turns into a chrysalis.

Two weeks later the beautiful butterfly emerges from the chrysilas. The butterfly drys its wings because it won't be able to fly if she has water on her wings. Then it fly away into flowers and eating the nactar.

Monarch Butterfly

The butterfly lays its egg on a leaf on a sunny day. After seven days the caterpillar will hatch. First they look for their food. The caterpillar eats the leaves of a milk weed plant.

Milk weed contains poison. This poison helps the adult butterfly to protect its self from predators, Caterpillars eat lots of leaves to make him fat. Once he is fat enough, the caterpillar turns into a chrysalis. When the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis it has to wait for his wings to dry.

Monarch Butterfly by Sesalina

The monach butterfly lays an egg on the under side of a leaf. It hatches and then a little two mm baby caterpillar cames out of the egg. It goes to eat some milk weed leaves and grodually grows full size over two weeks.
When the caterpillar is nice and fat it will then attach its self to a twig up side down and changes in to a chrysalis. It takes a few weeks before you begin to see it crack. The chrysalis cracks open and a buttefly cames out.
The butterfly has to wait for its wings to dry and stiffen before they can fly.

Monarch Butterfly

On a sunny day a butterfly lays her eggs on a leaf. Seven days later the caterpillar hatches. The caterpillar eats Milk weed leaves from the swam plant. Milk weed contains poison. This poison is used by the butterfly to protect it self from predators. He so fat that it eats so much food and then it hangs upside down and turns into a chrysalis. The monarch butterfly emerges out of the chrysalis two weeks later.
The monarch butterfly has to wait until it wings dry and stiffen before they can fly away.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

lorenzo butterfly stoy

On a sunny day a mother butterfly lays her egg outside in the Garden. About seven day later the caterpillar emerges from the egg. first the caterpillar begin to looks for food. The caterpillar first eat milk weed , leaves from the swan plant. Contains poison that is used by the butterfly to protect itself from it predator. The caterpillar eats lots of leaves until its fat. After that the caterpillar goes under a leaves and hangs up side down and turns into a chrysalis. Two week later the butterfly comes out of the chrysalis slow. Waits until its wing are dry. Then the butterfly is able to fly.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Never Say Never

Check out our movie that the MTV Fia Fia Group made with Miss King.

Lepa was the driving force behind choosing the song, drafting storyboards and creating some amazing animations.

It has now been shown at Hoyts Sylvia Park Cinema on the Extreme Screen, on November 11th 2010.

Dial 14 for AWESOME

This movie is Room 14's entry for the 2010 Manaiakalani Film Festival.
We toiled hard over the lyrics, created an awesome storyboard, recorded our song, filmed our movie and then it was painstakingly edited.
We all reckon we've done a good job - especially our teacher!
Thanks Mrs Burt for all your hard work in helping us get to showcase our work in a real life movie cinema.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tui Cockroach

Scurrying for leftovers like a rat I saw a cockroach having a nibble of my cheese burger. With a loud scream I ran to my room with ten steps. when my brother came out and saw too cockroaches. Waiting and waiting I heard a shout "Cockroaches get out of the house." Huffing and puffing trying to open my door I had forgotten to unlock my room from the outside. luckily I could climb out the window. As I fell my bother caught me. With a big shout yaaaaay I escaped from cockroaches.

Cockroaches by Andrea

Cockroaches are repulsive and disgusting,spreading disease around your kitchen and home. They have eyes that go right around their head, so they don't need to move their eyes. They have thousands of lenses on their eyes, but humans only have one. However, their eye sight isn't really that good. The hairs on the cockroaches legs sense vibrations. Their long and skinny legs help them to run fast. A cockroach has antennae so they can hear, feel,and help to protect them selves.

Eating dead insects, makes a cockroach a scavenger. They will eat almost anything. Cockroaches have three body parts and two pairs of wings to help them get out of danger.
When a cockroach's exoskeleton breaks, it will crawl out of the old one and grow a bigger exoskeleton. The cockroach is a survivor, it has been around since prehistoric times.

Although the cockroach is disgusting, it can be very helpful.

Sesalina Cockroach

Living in their humid habitat is the house hold pest the cockroach. They scurry for lift overs with there long thin legs. Being scavenger ,they look for food every day. cockroaches have poor eye sight but they sense vibration and smell food when there hungry.

My Cockroach

Cockroaches look for food in homes. They eat their left overs and then the cockroaches spread disease.

Roman's Cockroach Story

Cockroaches sometime eat their babies and sometimes they eat others food. They move fast and they have long spindly legs and they have wings and have long antennae.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Amazing Insect

The repulsive and disgusting cockroach is a household pest. This loathsome, obnoxious pest spreads disease. This scavenger can run as quick as lightning, it can also eat its babies. That's pretty much why it has such a bad reputation.

The cockroach lives in a humid habitat and has poor eye-sight . This household pest [cockroach] senses vibrations with is long antennae . The cockroach has two pairs of wings, one pair to protect its body and the other pair to fly with.

All About The Disgusting Cockroaches

Living in their humid habitat are household pests - the cockroach. Scurrying for leftovers, with their long thin legs, they scavenge nearly everyday. Having poor eyesight, cockroaches still are able to sense vibrations and smell food when they are hungry.
Cockroaches have a bad reputation because they spread disease by stumbling across unfinished dirty leftovers. While you try to kill cockroaches they run off and disappear as they can fit through small cracks. All are loathsome and obnoxious, scavenging creatures.