Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What did Cinderella say to the Fairy Godmother?

“I am so beautiful in this dress” Cinderella exclaimed, looking at herself in amazement underneath the moonlight of the full moon. “I am more beautiful than my two ugly sisters. Oh and I don’t need you anymore, “ She snapped at the Fairy Godmother. “I have all that I want right here.” How dare you speak to like that” The Fairy Godmother replied. “If you need help again then you are completely out of you mind.” She added crazily.

“Hurry Fairy Godmother,” Begged Cinderella. “The ball is going to start in a minute.” “I’m trying to hurry Cinderella,” Replied the Fairy Godmother, “But my wand has broken.”

Looking at her dress in amazement Cinderella smiled, “Wow! I look so beautiful I know the prince will pick me.”
(Te Roimata)

Starring into her reflection in the calm water, Cinderella gloated, “Wow! Look I am the most beautiful princess in the whole world!” “You are.” Replied the Fairy Godmother, “But if you don’t go right now then the ball will finish before you get there and your so called Prince Charming, will live happily ever after with someone else.”

“Wow!” Gushed Cinderella, “Look at my beautifully, magnificent dress – it is stunningly beautiful.” “Oh my dear, I agree,” stated the Fairy Godmother. “Now hurry before someone steals your prince.”

Standing on the edge of the pond, showing off, Cinderella cried “I look like such a stunning beauty in this bright, magnificent, blue dress.” Her Fairy Godmother replied anxiously, laughing a little “ You look stunning but you should get a move on or your prince will be stolen by one of your ugly sisters.

Standing in the moonlight Cinderella stated “Wow! My clothes are stunning. Thank-you Fairy Godmother.” “Well you are welcome Cinderella.” The Fairy Godmother replied. “But by the way – I think you’re late.”

“Wow! Look at my lovely dress” exclaimed Cinderella. “Yes!” called the Fairy Godmother, “You are stunning.”

“Wow! Look at my beautiful dress” Cinderella exclaimed standing on the edge of the pond. “Hurry, hurry, you must hurry or your prince charming will marry someone else” Warned the Fairy Godmother. “And remember you must be home by midnight!”

“Wow! Look at my beautiful reflection in the pond” Gloated Cinderella. “Don’t I look stunning?” “You sure do Cinderella” Smiled the Fairy Godmother. “But if you don’t hurry up your beloved prince will be with some other princess.”

“Hey! Do I look wonderful or not? I can’t wait to dance with the prince”, smiled Cinderella. “Oh yes you do look wonderful,” answered the Fairy Godmother. “But if you want to dance with the prince you’ll have to get a move on.”

“Hey! You better not fall into that water!” Begged the fairy Godmother. “Oh no I’m not going to fall,” replied Cinderella.

Snow White's Bedtime Story

On a freaky, stormy night in a shadowy and warm cottage, Snow White and the seven dwarves were telling a spooky story. (Micheal)

On a strange, dark night in a warm, quiet cottage, Snow White and the seven dwarves were telling spooky stories. (Misi)

On a gloomy, shadowy night in a warm and cosy cottage, Snow White and the seven dwarves are telling some scary and spooky stories. (Joseph)

On a stormy, thundery night in a warm and cosy cottage, Snow White and the seven dwarves are telling scary and spooky stories. (Dominiq)

Deep in a dark forest, inside a small wooden cottage, Snow White is nestled up under a patchwork quilt sharing bedtime stories with the seven dwarves. (Room 14)

The Gingerbread Man

As part of learning about storytelling Room 14 got to decorate some delicious Gingerbread Men made by their teacher Miss K. Here's a movie showing the decorating along with some of the children's writing about the experience.

A Day Out

Shawn, Tui and Micheal have made this lovely I Can Animate about what a dinosaur might get up to during a day in town.

Monday, July 27, 2009

T-Rex Battles

These boys have made an I Can Animate animation showing us how vicious Tyrannosaurus could be towards other dinosaurs.

Dinos using their WITS

Matthew, Lewis have made this I Can Animate movie showing how we use our WITS at PT England to solve problems.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tui's Tyrannosaurus Rex Dino-Learning Object

Tui has made this fantastic DLO in Hyperstudio and it's all about the carnivorous T-Rex.

Miracles' Diplodocus Dino-Learning Object

Miracle's DLO is all about this massive Sauropod - Diplodocus.

Matthew's Iguanodon Dino-Learning Object

Matthew learnt all about the Iguanodon, a very fierce dinosaur, and has put all his information into this Hyperstudio animation.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Toko's Pterodactylus Dino-Learning Object

Toko has learnt all about Pteredactyl who was a flying reptile that was alive during the Age of Reptiles. What has he taught you about these flying carnivores?

Sifa's Tyrannosaurus Rex Dino-Learning Object

Sifa has done some amazing research about T-Rex.
Check out his animation learn lots of new information.

Nezinli's Ankylosaurus Dino-Learning Object

Nezinli learnt all about the Anklosaurus. Have a look and see what he can teach you about this fascinating dinosaur in his Hyperstudio animation.

Kayde's Triceratop Dino-Learning Object

Learn about Triceratops with Kayde's help.

Hossanah's Stegosaurus Dino-Learning Object

Learn all about the Stegosaurus with Hossanah's help.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Are You Smarter than A Dinosaur?

How much do you know about dinosaurs?
Room 14 wrote, starred, produced and filmed this game show that asks that simple question- Are you smarter than a dinosaur?

An Interview with a Dinosaur

Have you ever wondered what a dinosaur would say if you got the chance to interview him?
Here Room 14 have asked all those pressing questions and received some interesting answers.

What do we look like in Room 14?

Who are the fabulous kids in room 14?
Don't you think that we are all beautiful?