Thursday, May 27, 2010

Max Active Earth

Heremaia's Volcano Movie

We have been learning about our earth being active this term. So I have made a movie to show the whole school to learn more about active earth.

Ramona Active Earth

Turuhira Active Earth

I have been learning how to make my people run in my animation stack.
I learnt how to make my volcano explode with ash, lava and rocks pouring down from the crater.
I hope you enjoy watching my movie.It was so much fun making it. It was a bit hard making my animation but I tried my hardest to finish it in time to go on PeNN and School TV.

Kingston's Volcano Movie

Mary L Active Earth

It was so much fun making an animation on my own without any help. Also I learnt how to make my person run and make my volcano erupt inside and outside. I really enjoy making animations.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Jenga Dominoes

On Friday Max,Iva and I played Jenga dominoes. We put the blocks up and it was ready to go Miss King was going to record it but it fell down before she was ready. We built another pattern of blocks and it was in a circle. As Miss King was recording the blocks were toppling too fast Max, Iva and I were laughing. After that Miss King put the recording movie on her lap top.When the bell rang we watched our Jenga dominoes on the big screen.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Max writes about Iron Brion

Yesterday we went to a show called Iron Brion. I didn't know what Iron Brion was and I didn't know where I was going. Miss King said we were going to the hall. We went inside the hall and sat down.

Jessica enjoyed Iron Brion

Yesterday we learnt about five things. Like: before we come to school we need
to have breakfeast like weetbix toast and tea. We learnt things about
vegetables and fruit and about where calcium comes from. Also about how we need milk to keep our
bones strong . Yesterday we ate burgers and Iron Brion was dancing and making jokes.

Turuhira Iron Brion

On Wednesday after morning tea the seniors and juniors went to assembly. It was funny when Eddy danced to the song. When Iron Brion came out we were screaming. We learnt so much about different Iron. We learnt that meat can be lamb or beef. Did you know that hamburger can be a healthy food?
When we danced with Iron Brion i was nervous when we danced on stage. Then Iron told us he was looking for "the best team to do his muscle moves". When the beef team went up first we shouted and did iron muscle moves. When the other team went up we were so excited to see the other team. Now it was time to chose the winner. When Iron Brion thought about it, it was our team we screamed and shouted "hooray". Finally we had a fresh delicious hamburger.

Britney Recount's about Iron Brion

Yesterday after morning tea we went to see IRON BRION in the hall. He said let's read the words, meat & meat alternatives, milk and dairy products, vegetables and fruit, breads and cereals. Then they were giving out prizes. Then IRON BRION said let's play a game. Then the girl said "Remember it's not game time it's dancing time." "OK then," said IRON BRION. Then we had to say goodbye and we went out side to eat a hamburger. We enjoyed our Burger.

James' Story about Iron Brion

Yesterday I learnt at Iron Brion, that the red meat is better then the light red meat because the red meat like beef or lamb has more iron then the light red meat.The light red meat is not as good for you, because it doesn't give you as much iron in it. Did you know that hamburgers are good for you? Hamburgers are good for you because it gives you energy and something called zinc that keeps you from getting sick.

Mary Meets Iron Brion

Yesterday morning, before afternoon tea, Miss King told us there was a special assembly in the hall. I was exited because I had seen parents cooking burgers outside the hall during play time. I thought we were going to get to eat it.
When the bell rang we lined up to go to the hall for the special assembly.I was still exited. When we went to the hall to sit down I saw a girl and a boy their names were Eddie and Sarah. I sat down on the end to give them a high five. Then we started the assembly.
First Eddie called Sarah to come up so we could meet her. We all said hi to her. After that Eddie went to help cook burgers for us. I knew then that we were going to eat the burgers. But what kind of burgers? - I didn't know.

Osana Iron Brion

Yesterday afternoon, half of the school went to see Iron Brion. He taught us how to be a healthy school. We played some games with Iron Brion. Some kids won some amazing prizes. Iron Brion told us about some very important foods for our body. At the end of the show we ate hamburgers.

Kingston's Recount about Iron Brion

Iron Brion is cool and funny because everything he talks about is funny. Iron Brion came to our school to talk about meat and how much iron there is in it. Luckily I went because we got a burger to eat after the show.

Eleva Iron Brian.

Yesterday Iron Brion told us about the four healthy food groups. He told us iron is one thing that makes us strong if we eat it.

Silas learns about IRON!

Yesterday the Point England Seniors went to the hall to see Iron Brion talk about Iron. He and his assistant said that if you don't have zinc you can get really sick. He started talking about red meat. He said that if you eat red meat you can have enough energy to last your day. When we played Iron Brion's boogie game, we laughed at Ahsin because he shook his bottom in front of everyone. No one thought that the girls were funny because they just shook their hands in the air. When it was time for him to go we all sighed. When we ate our burger we could feel Iron building up in our muscles.

Heremaia Iron Brion

Iron Brion taught us heaps of stuff yesterday about food at 12 o'clock.
First thing on the list was meat. Did you know that red meat, beef or lamb, has more Iron than white meat like chicken or fish? Next we learnt about vegetables and fruit. Fruit at school is good for you because it helps your brain work.

Mary L Iron Brion

Yesterday, in the morning we went to a special assembly called Iron Brian to learn about healthy food and iron. While Eddie cooked the burgers Sarah and I.B were telling the audience which food to eat the most. After that we did the I.B exercise and had a challange against the Iron Team and we were called the Protein Team. When we finished I.B shouted out the winner loud so that we could all hear ,and that winner was the Protein Team.

Samuela's recount of Iron Brion.

After morning tea we went to Iron Brion to learn about heathy food. There was a lady called Sarah and a man called Iron Brion - they were the people that did the show for us. Iron Brion said steak and lamb and iron is good for everyone in the world to eat. After that we did jump jam before we ate our burgers that Eddie had made for us.

Dillon's Recount of Iron Brion

We went to Iron Brion to learn about Iron that is in steak and lamb .There were men called Eddie and Iron Brion and a lady named Sarah.We had some cool games in the hall with Iron Brion. I went up and danced on the stage and we all won a prize. We did jump jam and said huu haa huuhaaa. We had burgers with iron in them for lunch.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Iva's Volcano Story

Iva has been practicing sorting his paragraphs into like ideas. Here he reads in front of the camera for the first time. What do you think?

Maru's Cool Volcano Story

Maru's paragraph about an erupting volcano contains an awesome mix of complex and simple sentences. Tell her what you think about her writing.

My great volcano story.

Onosai has been learning about complex and simple sentences. In this paragraph he combines them beautifully to tell us about an erupting volcano.

The Erupting Volcano

Eleva wrote this paragraph about an erupting volcano. She has been learning about different kinds of sentences in a paragraph. Can you tell which sentences are complex in her story?

Heremaia's Cool Volcano Story

Room 14 have been learning about what makes an awesome paragraph.
Here's Heremaia tells us about an erupting volcano.