Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stop Thiiiink and DO!

We've been learning that it's important to always stop and think before doing something.
This movie shows what we should do if we find sports gear left on the field.

You Never Know When Someone is Watching

Someone is always watching the cool things that we get up to. Perhaps one day we might just make the All Blacks!

Do the Right Thing

Play Sensible Games

The girls have been learning about how to play sensible games at school and how this idea keeps everybody happy and safe.

Bin It

We made this movie so that we can learn about the 3 Ps (Protection, Partnership and Participation) that the Treaty of Waitangi supports.Also we want our school to be a clean and better place.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Signing the Treaty of Waitangi

Thomas' Hyperstudio animation shows us who was present at the first signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kane's Favourite Camp Story.

At camp I went to Skateland. It was fun because I was going too fast. Then we had a race and I lost. After that we went to Ten Pin Bowling. First I got a strike and then another strike. At the end Michael had won. After that we went to rock climbing. I went on the biggest wall. It was hard. Then we went in the dark cave. Our shoes glowed on the wall when we climbed up in the cave.It was cool and scary because the cave was getting harder and bigger. Then we went to walk down to Tamaki College. We played touch there before we had to go and have a shower. James, Lorenzo, Max and I were playing touch. We were winning. After that we went to have dinner and it was delicious. Next we had dessert. Then we went to get our blanket to watch Willy Wonka. It was cold outside. Then we went to brush our teeth and we went to sleep. When we went to sleep it was cold. In the morning we had breakfast. It was yum. Then we went to do kayaking I was going too slow and my hand was sore when I was going slow. After that we went to cook damper. It was yum but my one was burnt.

Lorenzo goes Kayaking

On Thursday we went to the beach to do kayaking. First we had a lesson. After we had a lesson we got in to the kayaks and we started to paddled. When I turned I fell in the water and it was cold. I jumped back into the kayak and I fell back in to the sea water and this time it was very cold. but I was not scared

Kingston at the swimming sports

Luckily I put out my long arm and reached the wall FIRST! All the Pt England crew screamed "Yay! Kingston won yay!" Happily I claimed my goal, my goal was to win the race and I had.

Britney's Camp poem

Camp is everybody's favourite thing.
At Skateland everybody was happy because it's so fun when we play with other people.
My name was called out I was so nervous to go climbing.
People like camp because it's their favourite thing to do.
Kayaking is too hard for me to do.
It was cool at PT England School because it's cool for us.
Now we went all the way to swimming pools for races against each other.
Day 1 - it's time to go sleep. As we went to sleep we heard boys talking.
Now we have to go for dinner then we watch a movie.
Everybody has to go and brush their teeth then we can go to bed.
Silence so the teacher can talk.
Sleep time! Wake up PT ENGLAND SCHOOL it's breakfast.

Anahera's Camp Poem

Camping was so fun eating my chips and lollies.
A very good way to sneak and eat my lollies at night.
Melting in the hot sun waiting to jump in to the water.
Peeping at others performance.
Kayaking was so fun, especially when I tipped over in the water.
I raced with Mrs Verry around the bay in my kayak.
Nearly tripping over at rock climbing
Desperately wating for a turn in a kayak.
Never again will I have so much fun - until next year!
Eating that delicious food made me want some more.
Sitting watching the movie outside is fun .
See which team can go and have their breakfast first.

Silas's favourite thing at camp

''Who has black soled shoes?" Ms Squires asked our group. When you go bowling it is important to only have white shoes as black ones may mark the floor. Nervously we all began bowling. It was tricky at first but then suddenly we heard Starford shouting."I got a strike,I got a strike." His excitement made me throw my ball so high into the air that I almost smashed the screen. My nerves made me miss a turn, I was disappointed.On my second turn I made sure to try my best.I stepped up to the line, bowled my ball and knocked over 9 pins. Everyone started cheering "Yay! You did it Silas!"

Eleva's Favorite Thing at Camp

Skating on the ground with T.L.C it was so fun I felt this would never happen. When we were playing limbo with T.L.C. I felt I was going down so it was out of me and Tui. So Tui went then it was my turn it was a tie then we have to try again so I went first and then it was Tui's turn. Then she made the stick fall so I won.

Jesiah's favourite thing at camp

Pulling hard and strong I struggled to put my hand on the hand hold. It was scary until I made it to the top. When I come down I went on the small rocks. When Kayde and I climbed up we fell down. It was hard but we tried and then we made it. I want to stay here because it was cool, but it was time to go

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dillon's Camp Poem

Cautiously I went up the steep rocky wall.
Anxiously I skated in the oval ring.
Munching in our tent like we were having a big feast.
Percariously I tip toed passed the crabs to my kayak.
Kindly I helped some people to drag their kayak.
I crept out of my bed but Miss King snapped me.
Nachos were the chips I munched for my midnight feast
Dads were the security for at night.
Naughtily I had a big midnight feast.
Excitedly I jumped out of the van to go skating.
Skating lets you do so many talented things.

Osana's Favourite Thing at Camp

At camp my favourite activity was kayaking. The first group were kayaking down by the sea. Kindcrew were at PointEnglandSchool. They needed a boat and a paddle,and some instructions. The rules were , stay in the little bay and don't go past the teachers.I was so scared beacause I thought that I was going to go past the teachers.I was nervous about the paddles,beacause I might not use them proprerly.I was excited to get out of the boat beacause I was cold in the canoe , and I had a nice warm shower.I was cold at the reserve beacause the wind was blowing in and it also made the waves go left.I learnt that if I paddle left it will take me to the right,but if I paddle it will take me to the left where the waves are going. I felt so glad.

Sesalina's Favourite Things At Camp.

Stretching along way up the bones of an upside down dinosaur I wanted to stop of its stomach but I struggled my way up to the top and finished. I was ready to come down as Mrs Clark pulled me down fast and my hands were slipping.

Hosannah's Favourite thing at Camp

Skating round and round the cones laughing and having fun with my friend. Feeling very happy and joyful I danced to the music.But after all I fell over,"OUCH" I said " my leg hurts" I cried loudly,I crawled up to the blue seats and had a rest.Finally my leg felt better so I went back to skate and danced to the music, I enjoyed it.

Onosai at Camp

On the last day of camp we went to Swimarama. When I got to the hydroslide I closed my eyes and waited for the end. Splash! I opened my eyes and I saw people lining up. Then I went to the pool it was really cold. I got out of the water and went to the warm fountains.=

Max's Favourite thing at camp

At camp my favourite activity was skating and kayaking. My Group, True Flavours went to Skateland and we went down by the shore. When we sat on the chairs Miss V told us the instructions. She said to us that we have to use our manners. Then we went inside the Skateland and we said hello to those people .Then we had to have 40 minutes until we go to kayaking Miss V told us. It was cool at Skateland. Then Miss V told us we have to put our roller skates away and it was time up. So we took off our roller skates and then we said thank you and we will come back again.

Studamyer's Favourite Thing at Camp

Racing is fun, playing with your friends because you might win or lose. That's what we got to do at skate land. I was no where near the leaders because I was too slow and the leaders were too fast that they nearly over lapped me

James' favourite thing at camp

It was midnight Lorenzo Max and I could hear some pretty angry teachers walking around''Go to sleep'' screamed Miss Garden''HaHaHaHa'' Max and Lorenzo laughed.''Shut up you guys or else we are going to get caught eating our biscuits'' I growled at them.''Relax, anyway they're not our parents they can't tell us what to do''Lorenzo said grumpily.''You're right'' I whispered gently.We looked at Max we could hear something ''Poor Max has done a fart'' I shouted.We tried to tell him to be quiet but he didn't hear us, he was snoring.

Samuela's favourite thing at Camp

'' Go to bed! '' Miss Garden said in a loud voice. She had heard us talking, when we were meant to be in bed. When Miss Garden went to sleep I turned on my torch and we started to talk again. After our talking I got out my drink and my tent mates wanted some so I gave them a little taste.

MaryV's favourite thing at camp

With great difficulty I climbed up the trail on the wall slipping and sliding in the middle of the trail but I never gave up. Suddenly I looked underneath my heavy weight and spied that I was higher than I thought it was but still I kept on lifting my weight climbing up the wall. 

Heremaia favourite thing at camp

Climbing to the top of the wall I struggled to climb it and I nearly sliped of but I hung on to a leaf on the beanstalk I tried to beat the record made by Nikoia of 1 minute. But I failed as I slipped off the beanstalk.

Thomas's Favourite Thing at Camp

I like going kayaking I went in the boat I like padding slowly.I might fall out if I go fast . I had a life jacket on just in case I might fall out in the deep sea. I might have drowned if I did not have my life jacket on. I might die, that is bad.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Turuhira's favourite Thing at Camp

Stretching my legs I skated around the circle.It was hard work as my feet melted in the roller blades.When I skated I slipped over and nearly donked my head on to the ground. When we played limbo I felt very excited so I skated as fast as I could. As I bent down it looked like I was relaxing.

Tui Goes Rock Climbing

Sweating and groaning I reached up to the next rock. As I struggled higher the other group were trying to encourage me, they shouted "Go Tui go!" I never gave up and I kept going. As I reached the top everyone screamed out "Yay!" I felt so great when Liz put me down.

Kingston's Favourite Thing at Camp

Miss Garden screamed ''shush'' as my friends and I were having a fight in the tent.It was fun but unfortunately we had to stop.We sat quietly back down and began to eat Tim Tams. While we were eating Tim Tams I took five Tim Tams and put it in my mouth. The Tim Tams were running down my mouth like a huge wave going down my throat.

Britney Goes Rock Climbing

When my name was called out I felt so nervous. once I got to the top of the rock climbing wall I was sweating . I came back down and the instructor helped me.

My Favourite thing at camp

As I put myself into the boat one of my camp mates gave me a push as I was paddling I was nervous and cold.I felt like a shark was coming to eat me like a scarp of meet but I was day dreaming there weren't any shark. AsI was going about to turn my boat it flipped over and I made a big bomb. Thewater splashed into Te Rina's eyes and it stung.

Caroline's Favourite Thing at Camp.

As I crept up the stairs I saw that it was no where near my turn to go down the slide I kept on talking to my friends and I looked up in front of me and saw all the Pt Englanders that wanted a turn. They zoomed down the slide so so fast as fast as they could. Now it was close to be my turn the slide was so dark and scary in the middle I kept on falling over when I tried to sit up .
When I got to the end all the water splashed into my face.

Tracey's Favourite Thing at Camp.

Screaming down in the darknss I tried to see where I was going. I landed on my legs as I reached the bottom of the tube. Suddenly out of the blue I saw a light coming towards me. I felt like it was going to be the end. SPLASH! I was so so cold as I landed on my hands. The best thing was lying down sleeping on the slide with water splashing on my face.

Mary's Favourite Thing at Camp

Climbing the stairs I felt like I would never have a turn. My skin was shivering cold as I watched the boys going down the dark hole, with water splashing around them. When it was my turn I waited for the green light to come on. As it finally lit up I slid and screamed down the dark tunnel. As I screamed and slid down that dark tube I saw a bright light come nearer, I knew it was the end. SPLASH! The water splattered all over my face.

Ramona's Favourite Thing at Camp

Way to go! Heather" shouted Oshania as she threw the bowling ball at the pins.
She was so nervous but she was having a go. When it was Huelo-Ata's turn
she was so excited because it was her secound time at ten pin bowling.
When the pins fell down Huelo-ata only had one left and we were cheering for her
Oshania's turn and she got a strike. Her auntie gave her a big hug and a big cuddle.
After that it was my turn and as I carried the bowllig ball I thought that I might break the
ground as it was so heavy. I knocked one of the pins over I was suddenly shocked because
I had done so badly. After my turn our game was over and we had scored 299 points.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Turuhira's Camp Thoughts

Year 5 is our first year of camp. We are all so excited about what is in store for us this week. Stay tuned to catch some stories and pictures as we enjoy ourselves over the next couple of days.

Tui's Camp Thoughts

Tracey's Camp Thoughts

Studamyer's Camp Thoughts

Sesalina's Camp Thoughts

Samuela's Camp Thoughts

Ramona's Camp Thoughts

Osana's Camp Thoughts

Onosai's Camp Thoughts

Max's Camp Thoughts

Mary V's Camp Thoughts

Mary L's Camp Thoughts

James's Camp Thoughts

Hosannah's Camp Thoughts

Heremaia's Camp Thoughts

Eleva's Camp Thoughts

Caroline's Camp Thoughts

Anahera's Camp Thoughts

Dillon's Camp Thoughts

Jessica's Camp Thoughts

Britney's Camp Thoughts

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

James Cook Discovers New Zealand

Kingston and his group researched about how Captain James Cook discovered New Zealand in 1769.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Picnic Karaoke Fun

Heremaia, Turuhira and Onosai really enjoyed breaking out of character and getting up in front of the whole school and loads of parents to perform some karaoke at our recent school picnic. Way to go Heremaia, Turuhira and Onosai. You guys ROCKED!

Capture the Flag

Under the relentless sun Starford dodged, sidestepped and dived for the trophy. He got the flag and dashed for the line.

While Jesiah twisted and turned he distracted the other team and I was able to scurry like a rat over the line and score a point.

“Jesiah hurry up and rescue me.” I yelled scarily, as I waved my hands up. “What? I’m coming” screamed Jesiah intensely, as he waited for a gap in the defense.


Capture the Flag

In this movie, Heremaia, Maru and Silas read their really great sentences all about our favourite game - Capture the Flag. The photos were taken by children in Room 15

Capture the Flag

I was twisting and turning almost blown about by the wind.

Our hands were waving in triumph as we safely guarded our prize.

It was a sunny day on the bottom field where room 14 dodged and sidestepped their way round room 15.

"You can’t catch me'' Litia yelled quickly, as she dodged and sidestepped. “Ha I got you!” I screamed joyfully, as I tagged her on the back.