Maths: Learn, Create, Share

One of the biggest challenges in Learn, Create, Share is how to incorporate maths. This page highlights some ways that we are being more creative during maths.

Stage 3
How many tens and ones?

Stage 4
Subtracting Whole Tens

Finding Fractions using Materials

Bridging Tens Using Tens Frames Stage 5
Part-Whole Addition

Part- Whole Subtraction

Multiplication Stage 6
Multiplication using Place Value

Finding Fractions of Whole Numbers


  1. Well Done Ruma 13! I just love how you all clearly explained how you managed to work out your answers using different strategies. I learned a few new tricks! Thanks!

  2. Hi room 13,
    Wow our class has a made a big improvement of Maths. Finding fractions of whole Numbers is getting better in our class. And also Matching our Fractions is getting better in our groups Diamonds. Keep it up Room 13. I cant wait to hear more from you.

    From you Class mate Sela

  3. Hey Room 13,

    Well Done! You must of been working really hard on that.
    You just work too HARD!

    KEEP IT UP ROOM 13!!!

  4. I really enjoyed these videos on strategies for maths. Not only are they great strategies they are easy to follow which shows that you all have an incredible understanding of them. Keep up the good work!

  5. Well done Room 13! I have enjoyed your blog. Mrs O'Brien (