Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Year in Review

This video highlights all the very AWESOME things that Room 14 got up to in 2010.
Year 5 was an amazing year. We excelled in so many things and made great improvements in our writing, reading and maths. Most of all, we loved school and enjoyed our learning and time together.
On the second to last day of school we all packed up our classrooms ready for the big move to our new room - the whole school shifted. This review begins with the end and eventually brings to you nearly everything we did during 2010.
Here's to us being amazing for the rest of our lives and achieving our dreams.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Senior Prizegiving - Girl's Item

On Thursday 9th December the seniors had their prizegiving. We all had to perform to our parents and other kids. Before we performed, Mr Burt gave out certificates and even some trophies for the students who came 1st, 2nd or 3rd in Year 5.
Our dance is performed to the song "Night of Your Life" by J Williams. He's a New Zealand singer and we think he's amazing.
We've finished school for the year now and look forward to, Christmas, holidays and being year 6s.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Senior Boys Prizegiving Dance

Our school prizegiving this year was a bit different because, for the first time, we had separate junior and senior prizegivings. Our senior prizegiving was a special event held in the evening.
For a couple of weeks we practiced our moves really hard and enjoyed ourselves dancing - even when the teachers got tired and grumpy.
When it came to the night we were prepared to dance. We made our parents proud and we're sure there was a tear in Miss King's eye. All the boys worked hard and are deserving of the rapturous applause we received.
Thanks Larsen for your help in getting the remix sounding so choice.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Baseball Story

This year, Pt England played baseball. It was so cool that every body liked playing baseball that was awesome. We practiced our batting and catching and throwing. We played the real game and we challenged room 15 and we won!!!!!!!!!. After the games we and shake hands with the other team.
We wish you Merry Christmas Cola, thanks for teaching us to play baseball. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Weetbix Tryathlon

Tui and Lorenzo represented our class and school awesomely at the recent Weetbix Tryathlon. Miss King organised this day for us and it was amazing. We now LOVE triathlons and can't wait to do another one!
Thanks to Chris and Alex for helping out with coaching, equipment and transport.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hosannah Reflection Story

This year I have enjoyed making movies and acting in it because it is fun being with friends and our teacher. The thing I enjoyed learning the most was when MT Vesuvious erupted in Pompeii. I'd like to learn more of getting use to the computer instead of asking people. I would have worked harder at getting my animation finished so I can move on. I really enjoyed going to camp because we get to do lots of fun things,my favourite thing in camp was the concert.

The best way of learning for me is sitting on the mat and listening to Miss King . To me I tink I have improved in the writing test because Miss King was very proud of me. My goal for next year is to have my own blog.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sesalina Swimming.

I enjoyed swimming on the pools on Tuesdays every week its our first time at Pt England school having to look after our own swimming pool. Learning with Ben,Chris,Nicole and Matt was so fun teaching us how to play water polo.
when I started swimming in our new pool I was excited because I like when the water is cold.
I wish if Pt England school could keep this pool again.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tui's Swimming Thoughts

On term four one big strange thing came on our netball court. That strange thing was a swimming pool. Wow, I was so excited that we have our own pool for now. When it was Tuesday it was our turn to go swimming. We hopped in the pool, it was extremely icy cold. It felt like I won’t go in there any more. After I wet my hair the man introduced himself his name is Chris and told us what we were going to do. Our teacher told that we were going to rehearse a dance. Miss King took the sharks and Chris took us, the dolphins. We were doing swirls, handstands and freestyle, it was like a performance. Circling ballerinas with interesting Tec tonic. We clapped for them. Our one was in numbers so we knew what to do next. The count was up to four so we dived, then did a handstand and Circles then in the water. Later we only had five minutes of free time. “YAY” everyone shouted as we all played.

Mary V's swimming reflections

Today is the last term of the year and we have been having a brand new swimming pool just for Pt England school, to have swimming lessons and lots of games. The fantastic games are water polo, snorkeling and life saving. Now those are cool games!

I would like to give a massive thank you to Chris, Ben, Nicole, Mat, Alice, Stacey and the rest of the great people that taught us some lessons or games. I wish you could keep on teaching us but, it is better if you all go teach other people what you all taught us. Don’t forget Pt England school and what you all have done with us. We will miss you all!

Andrea Swimming

I have enjoyed doing swimming with my class and doing activities in the pool at lunch times. I have learnt how to kick with floppy ankles and do free style properly. I think with our own pool it is much better because we don't have to walk far to the pool, its just right outside our door and we don't need to miss lunch time. My goal that I have achieved is learning to kick with floppy ankles and to swim a whole lap. I still want to learn how to jump out of the water and leap in and out like a dolphin.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Caroline swimming thoughts

In the beginning of term 4 there was an huge truck on the netball courts Point England kids were asking the men what are they building?’We are building your guys own school pool’.Room 14 only swims on Tuesdays. When room14 started swimming it was really cold when we got inside we were all shaking because it was freezing. Men and women to came teach,water polo, life surfer,and snorkeling. 1 week later anyone kid can sign water polo or something else you go on Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays or probably Friday and Monday.I was in water polo i like playing water polo is so fun. If you play that game you cant walk with the ball you can only swim with the ball with one hand. Every lunch time that will always and we learnt how to kick, with out splashing.It’s so enjoyable to have a really long,huge,and large pool at Pt England so that any class can book the pools out our class room.

My scorpion story

With dangerous reputation of the scorpion is well deserved. scorpion immobile their prey. by defending themselves with there sharp pincers and there venous sting. the scorpion has large sting that can paralyse people.

Monday, November 29, 2010

art in room fourteen

Rm 14 drew some picture of little critter on a large peace of paper for art. first we had to get a book with lots of bugs. then we had to copy our favourite bug i drew a common butter fly with green and blue wings when i finished colouring i dyed it in blue because it matches my butterfly after that miss king glued it on a black paper.

Andrea's Bug Art

When room 14 do art we add it on our blog to show other countries what we have learnt. I drew a butterfly that is blue and green to try make it interesting. We drew with pencil then went over it with crayon to make it stand out in the dye. Then we started adding colour to make it even more interesting. With my inspiring ideas I made a beautiful butterfly.

Caroline's Bug Artwork

Room 14 made cool little bugs.
Last week on Wednesday afternoon we drew little critters , I drew a snail. First we looked carefully at the snail and drew a picture it felt hard to draw. After that we coloured until were finish colouring after we coloured I died my picture blue and other people dyed different colouror they could dye it blue.

Scorpions out attacking

Living in dry lands are hundreds of scorpions that are fearsome and venomous, poisoning their prey. Scorpions have two large pincers joined onto their three body parts always ready to attack. Their narrow curved tail injects venom into animals or critters that gets in its way.

Very quietly a scorpions can jump out from nowhere and stab you with there evil tail. The tail is one of the parts on scorpions body and it has a stinger on the tip of the tail. You better watch out.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Roman scorpions

It the desert the grasping cbws of the scorpions hold it's prey and paralyses it with it's venom. this viscious scorpios used his shony tail to inject the venom. Did you

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Monarch Butterfly

The tiny egg begins to hatch out. When it hatches it wriggles and wriggles untill the caterpillar comes out from the egg. When it comes out it eats nice food from their shell then they look for food and they eat and eat untill they are fat. When it eats and eats untll he is fat, they hang up side down and turn into a chrysalis. It takes hours to turn into a chrysalis. It hangs there for two weeks. When the monarch butterfly hatches from the chrysalis it waits untill the wings dry before it goes to look for milkweed and fly free around the place with their family and friends.

Monarch Butterflys

Life for a monarch starts as a tiny egg. The female will lay eggs. Several days after the egg has been laid, the caterpillar will start to nibble on its egg. Once the egg has been widened the caterpillar start crawling out of the egg. The caterpillar will soon return to the egg and will eat the egg . After the egg has been eaten the caterpillar will crawl across to a leaf the caterpillar eats milk weed leaves the caterpillar will eat until it is fat enough then it will find a twig and hang from it and slowly form a chrysalis.
The chrysalis will start opening and the caterpillar has now formed into are beautiful butterfly. The butterfly will struggle to get out of the chrysalis , at first the butterflys wings are not full size, but in a couple of minutes the wings expand to its natural size. It is now an adult, it will spend its day sucking nector from flowers and starting the life cycle once again.

Hosannah Butterfly Story

A monarch butterfly lays its egg on a leaf. It hatches between three and twelve days. A catterpiller emerges out of the egg ready to eat.

As soon as the catterpiller comes out, it starts to squim around and eats the swomp plant. Whileits starts to have poison in its body. once its fat, the catterpiller turns into a chrysalis.

Two weeks later the beautiful butterfly emerges from the chrysilas. The butterfly drys its wings because it won't be able to fly if she has water on her wings. Then it fly away into flowers and eating the nactar.

Monarch Butterfly

The butterfly lays its egg on a leaf on a sunny day. After seven days the caterpillar will hatch. First they look for their food. The caterpillar eats the leaves of a milk weed plant.

Milk weed contains poison. This poison helps the adult butterfly to protect its self from predators, Caterpillars eat lots of leaves to make him fat. Once he is fat enough, the caterpillar turns into a chrysalis. When the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis it has to wait for his wings to dry.

Monarch Butterfly by Sesalina

The monach butterfly lays an egg on the under side of a leaf. It hatches and then a little two mm baby caterpillar cames out of the egg. It goes to eat some milk weed leaves and grodually grows full size over two weeks.
When the caterpillar is nice and fat it will then attach its self to a twig up side down and changes in to a chrysalis. It takes a few weeks before you begin to see it crack. The chrysalis cracks open and a buttefly cames out.
The butterfly has to wait for its wings to dry and stiffen before they can fly.

Monarch Butterfly

On a sunny day a butterfly lays her eggs on a leaf. Seven days later the caterpillar hatches. The caterpillar eats Milk weed leaves from the swam plant. Milk weed contains poison. This poison is used by the butterfly to protect it self from predators. He so fat that it eats so much food and then it hangs upside down and turns into a chrysalis. The monarch butterfly emerges out of the chrysalis two weeks later.
The monarch butterfly has to wait until it wings dry and stiffen before they can fly away.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

lorenzo butterfly stoy

On a sunny day a mother butterfly lays her egg outside in the Garden. About seven day later the caterpillar emerges from the egg. first the caterpillar begin to looks for food. The caterpillar first eat milk weed , leaves from the swan plant. Contains poison that is used by the butterfly to protect itself from it predator. The caterpillar eats lots of leaves until its fat. After that the caterpillar goes under a leaves and hangs up side down and turns into a chrysalis. Two week later the butterfly comes out of the chrysalis slow. Waits until its wing are dry. Then the butterfly is able to fly.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Never Say Never

Check out our movie that the MTV Fia Fia Group made with Miss King.

Lepa was the driving force behind choosing the song, drafting storyboards and creating some amazing animations.

It has now been shown at Hoyts Sylvia Park Cinema on the Extreme Screen, on November 11th 2010.

Dial 14 for AWESOME

This movie is Room 14's entry for the 2010 Manaiakalani Film Festival.
We toiled hard over the lyrics, created an awesome storyboard, recorded our song, filmed our movie and then it was painstakingly edited.
We all reckon we've done a good job - especially our teacher!
Thanks Mrs Burt for all your hard work in helping us get to showcase our work in a real life movie cinema.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tui Cockroach

Scurrying for leftovers like a rat I saw a cockroach having a nibble of my cheese burger. With a loud scream I ran to my room with ten steps. when my brother came out and saw too cockroaches. Waiting and waiting I heard a shout "Cockroaches get out of the house." Huffing and puffing trying to open my door I had forgotten to unlock my room from the outside. luckily I could climb out the window. As I fell my bother caught me. With a big shout yaaaaay I escaped from cockroaches.

Cockroaches by Andrea

Cockroaches are repulsive and disgusting,spreading disease around your kitchen and home. They have eyes that go right around their head, so they don't need to move their eyes. They have thousands of lenses on their eyes, but humans only have one. However, their eye sight isn't really that good. The hairs on the cockroaches legs sense vibrations. Their long and skinny legs help them to run fast. A cockroach has antennae so they can hear, feel,and help to protect them selves.

Eating dead insects, makes a cockroach a scavenger. They will eat almost anything. Cockroaches have three body parts and two pairs of wings to help them get out of danger.
When a cockroach's exoskeleton breaks, it will crawl out of the old one and grow a bigger exoskeleton. The cockroach is a survivor, it has been around since prehistoric times.

Although the cockroach is disgusting, it can be very helpful.

Sesalina Cockroach

Living in their humid habitat is the house hold pest the cockroach. They scurry for lift overs with there long thin legs. Being scavenger ,they look for food every day. cockroaches have poor eye sight but they sense vibration and smell food when there hungry.

My Cockroach

Cockroaches look for food in homes. They eat their left overs and then the cockroaches spread disease.

Roman's Cockroach Story

Cockroaches sometime eat their babies and sometimes they eat others food. They move fast and they have long spindly legs and they have wings and have long antennae.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Amazing Insect

The repulsive and disgusting cockroach is a household pest. This loathsome, obnoxious pest spreads disease. This scavenger can run as quick as lightning, it can also eat its babies. That's pretty much why it has such a bad reputation.

The cockroach lives in a humid habitat and has poor eye-sight . This household pest [cockroach] senses vibrations with is long antennae . The cockroach has two pairs of wings, one pair to protect its body and the other pair to fly with.

All About The Disgusting Cockroaches

Living in their humid habitat are household pests - the cockroach. Scurrying for leftovers, with their long thin legs, they scavenge nearly everyday. Having poor eyesight, cockroaches still are able to sense vibrations and smell food when they are hungry.
Cockroaches have a bad reputation because they spread disease by stumbling across unfinished dirty leftovers. While you try to kill cockroaches they run off and disappear as they can fit through small cracks. All are loathsome and obnoxious, scavenging creatures.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Tarantula

Poucing to catch its prey the delibrately slow marching tarantula patrol though the derest . Lying in wait the tarantula bends down and get ready for action. Showing its mighty razor sharp fangs it sucks all the yummy juice out of its dinner. The tarantula drags his victim back to its home.

The Habitat Of Tarantula's

While lying in wait the tarantulas spiky fans drip with venom waiting to ambush his victim. Its hairy legs crawl under the cover of darkness striking its unsuspecting prey. Tarantulas are a powerful hunter who stalk and sneak lurking for its dinner.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The venomous arachnid lays down a silk web, like a trapdoor, outside its burrow and pounces to catch its unsuspecting victim. The tarantula waits and lurks in its habitat under the cover of darkness. This venomous but powerful hunter waits patiently for its next meal. His fangs penetrate the victims body the venom poisons his dinner.

Friday, October 15, 2010


The honey bee flit their wings as they fly into the sky they collect precious nector As bees fly from one flower to the next they zigzag and buzz in to the sky.Each bee will land on to a sun flower and suck the nector up through their tongue

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Honey bees information

Collecting precious necter, Honey Bees appear out of control, buzzing and spinning, from one flower to the next. As they flit their wings, pollen falls from their spiky legs, helping more flowers grow. Necter is a valuable food for bees and is used to make honey by them.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The Honey Bee buzzes and spins like a yellow and black blur as it flys to a sun flower to collect pollen. Buzzing and spinning as if it is out of control, its 4 wings cover half of its body. The wings flit so fast that the bee's body is all blurry. Pollen is like seeds that help flowers grow and provide bees with nectar.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Room14's Got Talent

Another favourite song from the very talented Room 14 singers!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

O 4 Awesome!

We're having fun learning lyrics to some of our favourite songs. We thought we'd share them with you in an interesting way.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun at the Disco

As waiting patiently for the bell to go, we rushed out the door while everyone sprinted like a cheetah. Jumping up and down, I hurried myself to get inside the disco but I couldn't because people were in line. As I made it through I was so amazed. Looking around, lights flash into my eyes. It look like I was going to cry. But suddenly I could feel the funky moves in my feet and I went so crazy. I jumped every where on the floor, screaming and laughing I went all over the place. I couldn't stop myself. As the disco finished I was so glad to see my friends laughing too.

The cool Disco

As soon as the bell rang for lunch we all ran to the hall in a line, waiting to go inside the hall for the talk like a pirate disco. Happily I strolled inside looking for my Friends to come and dance. It was so fun that I was going mental dancing all around the hall. During the song the Seniors paused the music and did a cat walk competition. Miss King announced that year 1 and 2 is first, so I waited patiently. After the cat walking for the year 1 and 2 the cool songs was played again. It was really fun!

Pirate Dress Ups

Yellow PIrate Ship

We all live in a yellow pirate ship,
a yellow pirate ship, a yellow pirate ship!

Plundering Pirates

Just as we thought we could settle down to work - after our cool assembly, in walked a band of plundering pirates all set to steal our hard earned treasure! Whatever shall we do!!!!????

Talk Like a Pirate Day

What a great way to celebrate all things marine, with a Pirate Day celebration. As usual Pt England School gets right in behind with dress ups, songs and all round hilarity!
Our assembly this morning was a little different - but we think pretty fun!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The sticky, icky jelly

We chose an Ajective, a Verb, and an Adverb and we made up our own Noun to make 3 diffrent sentences with the same words and the same meaning. This is how it turned out to be.

The sticky jelly was spilled roughly on the ground. As the sticky jelly was deliverd it roughly spilled on the ground. Roughly spilling on the ground, the sticky jelly was allover the carpet.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Adventure of Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake was a strong, brave, yet not very nice man. However, he was a fantastic sailor. He was born in England and was encouraged by the Queen to circumnavigate the globe in his ship the Golden Hinde. During his voyage he stopped for spices, treasures, slaves and he also stopped for battles. It was a long adventure - nearly three years before he got back to England and gave to the Queen the goods that he had found.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Tui Cross Country

Nervously waiting on the cold concrete ,I challenged myself to beat my mates at today's cross country. The weather was so windy and freezing, so I felt like an ice cube. Luckily I was wearing my jumper, so it could keep me warm.
When it was the ten year old girls, I went up and got ready to race All that I could imagine, was it was like me and my brother were racing. Then in three seconds, Mr Burt banged his clappers together and it looked liked we were racing for the trophy. At the finnish line I came seventh out of the girls. I felt a little disapointed because I know that I can do better.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Roman's Cross Country

Nervously waiting on the cold hard concrete, I challenged myself to beat my mates at today's
cross country. I ran fast to skip past some people in the 9 year old boys. I jogged all the way to the finish line.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lorenzo Cross Country

Nervously waiting on the cold hard concrete, I challenged myself to beat my mates at today's cross country. As we started, I felt shy. Then Mr Burt said, "Go!" and I just started to jog. After a while I started to run faster. I ran past my best friend Jesiah and I was coming first. I got to the finish line and I had run so fast that I felt puffed but totally excited, because I had won

Hosannah My Cross Country Story

As MrBurt clapped the clapper, I sprinted as hard as I could to try to beat my mates in our cross country. While I was running through the freezing puddles, my feet were numb. I started to stop because I had wasted my energy and it was harder than I thought it would be. Once I reached the finish line, I was proud of myself because I had given it my best effort. I was happy that it was finished and I was so exhausted that I felt like drinking my whole bottle of water.

The Exhausting Race

As I heard Mr Burt bang the clapper, I was exited to see Takitimu kids dash over the start line. I saw people huffing and puffing as they were struggling through the difficult race. I bet it was a good run for everyone. It was more fun than I thought it would be. I wish I had run after all.

Jesiah's Cross Country Story

Nervously waiting on the cold hard concrete, I challenged myself to beat my mates at today's cross country. The weather was freezing, windy and also spitting, but I still sprinted to the finish line. When I had finished the race I felt proud of myself, but maybe I could do better next time.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Caroline's Story of Jesse Martin

Jesse Martin was a young and brave boy when he circumnavigated the world.

Jesse Martin circumnavigated the world on his boat called the Lionheart.

With a lot of support from his family, Jesse Martin circumnavigated the world.

Jesse Martin going on his outrageous voyage

Jesse Martin circumnavigated the world solo and achieved his goal. While living inside his small boat, he had to endure cramped conditions. Even though he suffered while on board Lion Heart, Jesse Martin never gave up on his dream. Jesse also had great supports from his mum and friends which encouraged him to keep on going. One day I will want something like that to happen to me too!

William writes about Jesse Martin

Jesse Martin was the youngest person to sail around the world.

Jesse Martin circumnavigated the world to achieve his goal.

With heaps of determination and perseverance, Jesse Martin circumnavigated the world on his boat the LionHeart

Hosannah's Story of Jesse Martin

Jesse Martin was a young man who was pushed to the limit as he circumnavigated the world.

Jesse Martin circumnavigated the world after a long and dangerous journey on his boat the Lionheart.

With perseverance and courage, Jesse Martin circumnavigated the world.

Jesiah writes about Jesse Martin

Jesse Martin, with a lot of determination and perseverance, was prepared to circumnavigate the world on Lionheart. Calling his boat Lionheart, made Jesse feel protected by a force that was strong and powerful. Bravery and courage helped Jesse to achieve his ultimate goal to sail around the world.

With support and commitment from his family, Jesse Martin was courgeous and brave to be able circumnavigate the world.

Jesse Martin circumnavigated the world because he was a young, brave man.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Pirate

This is Roman's first animation using Hyperstudio. We think he's done a fantastic job - what do you think?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Roman Writes about Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan was born in Portugal in 1480. Magellan disagreed with the government
of Portugal and because he hated them so much he went to Spain and asked the King for money and a boat. The king gave him a boat called Victory. Magellan needed to travel west because of the dangerous eastern route for trade with India.
Magellan went through the South Atlantic Ocean and down the Magellan Strait at the bottom of South America. It took Ferdinand Magellan months and months to reach the Pacific Ocean where he found the water was quiet and peaceful. His crew and boat were able to circumnavigate the world, unfortunately Magellan was killed in a battle in the Phillipines.

Ferdinand Magellan story

Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480 in Portugal. The Government of Portugal disagreed with Magellan so he went and asked the king of Spain that if he could have a boat and money like Columbus, as he was going to circumnavigate the world to get to India. Magellan's boat was called Victoria because it meant victory. By 1494 the Spanish couldn't sail past Africa because the route was owned by Portugal. Magellan sailed west through the Atlantic ocean and into the strait of Magellan to discover the Pacific ocean. Magellan's crew circumnavigated the world but tragically he never made it past the Philllipines, as it was here that he was killed in a battle.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mary V Beyoncé Rocks

It turns out Beyoncé is my favourite singer! She is so entertaining and she inspires me. Beyoncé is the best! Well to me anyway! I always watch her songs and wish I could see her in real life. I asked my mum if I could get Beyoncé's album, but she says maybe for my birthday she will buy it for me. Wow Beyoncé's moves are great! I want to dance just like her one day. Sometimes I try and copy her with my cousin. Beyoncé Rocks!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Room14 Makes Pirate Flags

As part of our work on pirates, we spent some time looking at all the different flags that pirates had. Using batik, we then made our own flags. Normally batik is made by using hot oil, but in our case we used a paste of flour and water to draw the outlines. Some of us found it really tricky, but as you can see we have made some really bright and colourful flags representing ourselves and our cultures. Turuhira, Mary, James and Samuela put this movie together.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Jesiah Christopher Columbus story

In the 1400s Christopher Columbus sailed west to get to India. Columbus asked the King of Spain for money and a boat to traveled around the world to India . He called the people Indians because he thought he had reached India but he had actually discovered the Americas.
Christopher Columbus wasn't the first person to discover south America. He was the only man to sail the Atlantic ocean to south America and to return back to Europe. People now knew that there were two more continents; North and South America. It wasn't till the 1700s that the Europeans discovered the pacific ocean.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Silas Sailing On Ted Ashby

As I was sailing on the Ted Ashby I could feel the wind lashing through my hair, then icy wind started biting my face. When it was time to pull the main sail, I struggled as I heaved on the halliard as hard as I could. On the sides of Ted Ashby, waves were lapping and making strange sounds. As we headed towards the harbour it was time to hoist the sails so we could sail to the harbour bridge.

Our Fantastic Trip on the Ted Ashby

Sailing on the Ted Ashby ship was so freezing. The man who pulls the sails asked us if we would like to have a try at pulling up the main sail. As I was pulling I could feel icy wind biting my face. Sailing with the wind, my hair was blowing around so crazy. Waves were lapping against the Ted Ashby boat, as we sailed towards the Harbour Bridge.

Turuhira's Trip to the Maritime Museum

The icy-wind was biting my face as gale force winds blew the Ted Ashby boat along. My hair was in my face as the weather was cold. As we reached the Harbour bridge I could feel the breeze rushing down. Heaving and struggling, we pulled the sheet to lift up the sail.

Mary 's Trip story

As I was sailing, gale force winds were lashing my hair and icy raindrops were biting my face. Heaving with all our might, Room14 struggled, trying their very best to raise the sails.
While we were sailing, I saw wake trailing behind us, lapping against the boat.

Osana Goes Sailing

Sailing on the Auckland Harbour, the icy wind was biting my face. Being out on the cold water was really shivery. Pulling with all our strength, heaving and struggling we got the halliard to raise the sails. As we were sailing down to the shore we watched our wake trailing behind us. Gale force wind was lashing my hair as we were sailing away from the harbour bridge. After turning around I was able to see our flag flying in the sky. I felt awesome after the cool trip.

Ramona Goes Sailing

Sailing on the boat was really cold. It was windy and I was shivering as we were sailing along. As we were sailing, our wake trailed behind the boat. We had to pull the sheet, which was the rope, to raise the sails. We had to pull it as hard as we could. As we were heaving we were starting to struggle and scream. Gale force wind was lashing my hair as we sailed away from the harbour bridge.

Dillon Sails on the Ted Ashby

It was a windy day, a cold and gale force wind was biting my warm face on the Ted Ashby. When we were on the sail boat we went towards the Harbour bridge with the wind blowing against our clothes. The wind moved the boom left to right. The icy wind was blowing heavily and strongly.
Pulling and heaving with all my might the sails were slowly going up. I struggled as I heaved, pulling the sheet fast with the wind blowing on the sails. I was wondering if the sailors thought it was a hard job, because for me it was.

Our Fantastic Trip

As we were sailing on the deep blue sea, past the shore during our trip to Maritime Museum, the icy wind was biting my face. The big strong waves were lapping against our ship and our sails were luffing as we sailed towards the wind. The force of the wind blew my hair, as if i was a rock star. It was freezing out on the harbour yesterday.

Onosa'i's Trip to the Maritime Museum

Sailing in to the wind I heaved and struggled to pull the rope with all my might. With the wind, the sails billowed out, pushing us along. Icy wind was biting my face as we were going to the harbour bridge.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Pirate Story

Our group put our words from our stories about pirates in wordle net.It was cool because we liked to see our story in wordle. When you see big writing that is an important word from our stories, smaller words are less used ones.

Our Pirate Wordle.

We put effort into our pirate stories and these are all our complex words. We would like to show you all our words so you could write complex and interesting stories just like us.