Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ezra and Noah Guest Post

Room 13 were very lucky to have Noah and Ezra come and share their stories with us today. Both boys have older siblings in our class and Miss King reckons that these little guys can teach the bigger ones a thing or two!
We all loved their stories so much that we decided to have them guest post on our blog. Make sure to click on their names to see their work from room 4.

When I was gone I was sick in bed! When I got out of
bed I played with Toby.
I think the Colcannon Room 4 made would be remarkable, amazing and magnificent. It is an Irish dish of mashed potato, spring onions, chinese cabbage, salt, pepper and butter.
I was sad because I wanted to have some Colcannon…

By Noah, Room 4.

Yesterday Room 4 went to the staffroom and we created Colcannon. It was irresistible! The best bit was eating the Colcannon!

The ingredients are spring onions, chinese cabbage, potatoes, salt, pepper and butter. The equipment is a pot of boiling water, a stove, a bowl and a masher.

Colcannon is an Irish dish of mashed potato. It smells splendidly spectacular!

The Colcannon was very, very, very tasty and delicious. I loved it! I tasted the cabbage and onions blended into the mashed potato.

By Ezra, Room 4.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rugby World Cup - Where were you?

Room 13 have been learning how to understand other's point of view. We thought that people experienced the Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony in such different ways, that it would be a great idea to explore further.
Within our class we found seven different ways that we spent last Friday night. We wrote about each idea in a group, illustrated it and then acted it all for the camera.
On the wall outside outside our classroom you can bring your QR reader and watch all the movies - or simply click the photo below to watch all of them!
Some creative license may have been involved!