Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Silas Sailing On Ted Ashby

As I was sailing on the Ted Ashby I could feel the wind lashing through my hair, then icy wind started biting my face. When it was time to pull the main sail, I struggled as I heaved on the halliard as hard as I could. On the sides of Ted Ashby, waves were lapping and making strange sounds. As we headed towards the harbour it was time to hoist the sails so we could sail to the harbour bridge.

Our Fantastic Trip on the Ted Ashby

Sailing on the Ted Ashby ship was so freezing. The man who pulls the sails asked us if we would like to have a try at pulling up the main sail. As I was pulling I could feel icy wind biting my face. Sailing with the wind, my hair was blowing around so crazy. Waves were lapping against the Ted Ashby boat, as we sailed towards the Harbour Bridge.

Turuhira's Trip to the Maritime Museum

The icy-wind was biting my face as gale force winds blew the Ted Ashby boat along. My hair was in my face as the weather was cold. As we reached the Harbour bridge I could feel the breeze rushing down. Heaving and struggling, we pulled the sheet to lift up the sail.

Mary 's Trip story

As I was sailing, gale force winds were lashing my hair and icy raindrops were biting my face. Heaving with all our might, Room14 struggled, trying their very best to raise the sails.
While we were sailing, I saw wake trailing behind us, lapping against the boat.

Osana Goes Sailing

Sailing on the Auckland Harbour, the icy wind was biting my face. Being out on the cold water was really shivery. Pulling with all our strength, heaving and struggling we got the halliard to raise the sails. As we were sailing down to the shore we watched our wake trailing behind us. Gale force wind was lashing my hair as we were sailing away from the harbour bridge. After turning around I was able to see our flag flying in the sky. I felt awesome after the cool trip.

Ramona Goes Sailing

Sailing on the boat was really cold. It was windy and I was shivering as we were sailing along. As we were sailing, our wake trailed behind the boat. We had to pull the sheet, which was the rope, to raise the sails. We had to pull it as hard as we could. As we were heaving we were starting to struggle and scream. Gale force wind was lashing my hair as we sailed away from the harbour bridge.

Dillon Sails on the Ted Ashby

It was a windy day, a cold and gale force wind was biting my warm face on the Ted Ashby. When we were on the sail boat we went towards the Harbour bridge with the wind blowing against our clothes. The wind moved the boom left to right. The icy wind was blowing heavily and strongly.
Pulling and heaving with all my might the sails were slowly going up. I struggled as I heaved, pulling the sheet fast with the wind blowing on the sails. I was wondering if the sailors thought it was a hard job, because for me it was.

Our Fantastic Trip

As we were sailing on the deep blue sea, past the shore during our trip to Maritime Museum, the icy wind was biting my face. The big strong waves were lapping against our ship and our sails were luffing as we sailed towards the wind. The force of the wind blew my hair, as if i was a rock star. It was freezing out on the harbour yesterday.

Onosa'i's Trip to the Maritime Museum

Sailing in to the wind I heaved and struggled to pull the rope with all my might. With the wind, the sails billowed out, pushing us along. Icy wind was biting my face as we were going to the harbour bridge.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Pirate Story

Our group put our words from our stories about pirates in wordle net.It was cool because we liked to see our story in wordle. When you see big writing that is an important word from our stories, smaller words are less used ones.

Our Pirate Wordle.

We put effort into our pirate stories and these are all our complex words. We would like to show you all our words so you could write complex and interesting stories just like us.

Our Pirate Wordle

We wrote a story about our made up Pirates and then we changed it into a Wordle. The big words shows all the most important words we wrote in our story, the small words means we never used them that much. Our group hopes you like it.

Check out the engagement!

Monday morning in Room 14!
Check out the whole class completely engaged in creating a Wordle with a group. This is a new skill we're learning and obviously thoroughly enjoying it. The instructions given by Miss King were fairly vague and it's been great to see the class problem solving and working together to get their Wordles completed. Many of the students have chosen different and creative ways to figure out how to create and post their work.

Our Pirate Wordle

These words are from pirate stories that we wrote in our books. We then wrote it in to google doc and then we copied the words into Wordle. The better words that we used were pirate golden and wears.

Our Pirate Wordle

This is what we created by writing our story about our pirate. We mixed up our story to get more ideas and so we can find information. Then we made this wordle to put on our blog to see if people around the world wants to see what we have done.

Our Pirate Wordle

These stories that we wrote in our google docs were all about pirates to tell our audience information about them. This Wordle tells us what words we used the most in our stories. The words that we mostly used were, pirate, hat and sword to make our stories interesting. We had so much fun making a Wordle.

Our Pirate Wordle

This is a Wordle about stories that we have written about pirates and that we have created. This tells us about the words that we have used in our sentences and stories. This shows that perhaps we need to put more interesting words in our story.

My Pirate Wordle

This is a wordle about pirates from our stories. It tells you the words we used the most and the least. The words that have been used the most from our stories were Pirate, leg, eye, name, black, captain and big. The least were hook, sword and strong.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Playing Xbox 360 With my cousins!!!!

In the holidays me and my cousins were playing xbox 360. The game that I was playing with my cousins was Halo 3 O.D.S.T. It's a game where you go finding your friends or whoever you're playing with and shoot them. The kills are up to any number under 250. The game is fun and skillful.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mt East Destroys the Village

What I enjoyed about our volcano movie.It was fun making the movie in a group and getting sticky hands from the dough. We could have done our voice over better so it makes more sense.We could work on our paragrahs so the audience. The part we did really well was we cut out the right pieces of the movie and putting the voice over in the right place where the parts are showing. What I learnt from doing this was I found information about volcanoes can do to the land and how people die from volcanoes. I would change the paragrahs and sentences to make sense.Then make the movie and voice over more interesting.

When I watched my group volcano movie I felt amazing but the part I really like was the
explosions. It was fun. The group movie needed to get better by using more detail. The part that the group mostly did well was the voice over. It was fantastic and good. I learnt to make a volcano erupt. What would I change for next time is my green screen. It was very frustrating as we couldn't make it work all the time.

I enjoy doing our volcano movie because we had help from Miss King doing our volcano movie.
We could have done better by making the volcano look more realistic. One part that we really liked was making our volcano erupt.I learned about helping my group and making movies.
What I will change for next time is to help my group creating our proups and acting more in our voice over.

The Destruction of Rich Town

On the day we made our volcano it was cool because the dough was gooey and blue. We wrapped the dough around a jar and started to smooth it out. I enjoy the things we made for our volcano. We made little houses, trees and mountains. It was fun making the volcano. I learnt that if you knead the dough will go smooth. I will change by not being bossy. We can do better by not being silly. Our voice over was okay but we could do better by adding more information.

What did I enjoy about it ?What i enjoyed about our volcano movie is exploding MT Hunter.
What could we had done better?What we could had done better is stick together as a team bit more.

I liked to erupted Mount Hunter. What we had to do better is to stick as a team. The part that we did well is drawing our pictures. What I learnt is how to erupt a volcano. What I would change for next time is to not play around when we are still have to finish our work.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Amazing Eruption of Street Drop

I really liked how we made our shape of the volcano and I also enjoyed painting it.We could have put more effort on planing our ideas. As you can tell it was a shield volcano.I guess we had put alot of detail in our story. And that's what I think! Next time we can change the trees. Some times we haden't work well as a group but in the end it was alright because at least we finished it. Right!
Mary V

I really liked it when the volcano erupted.
Our group should put more details and more information in our voice-over and volcano movie.
The best part that we have did well was working together as a group .
I learnt to be a nicer person and being helpful to a group I work with.
Next time I would change to save my green screen animation correctly and not to draw six times.

I enjoyed making and exploding my volcano. My group helped together to build the houses and the big volcano to get them ready. My team went first, I felt happy. The lava came pouring out of the crater. We made a good movie.

Warriors Vs Roosters

Kevin Locke neded a strecher to exit Ami Stadium but it was the Roosters that went home sick and sad. Kevin Locke should have been proud that they won and the Warriors beat one of the top teams. There was 35 minutes left, the time went fast. The winger Locke had scored 3 tries and also been injured badly and IT WAS OVER!

Sanimaco Erupts

I enjoyed watching the volcano erupting our village., But we need did need to work
as a team all together. My group did really well by making our village and volcano.
I learnt that volcanos needs pressure to erupt. Next time we will try and get a higher

I enjoyed doing our voice over and making the volcano .We could have drawn some rocks coming out of the crater. The part that we did well is doing our voice over. I learnt about how to make volcanoes making them erupt. Then next time ill change towns name -perhaps to Auckland.

In our movie about our volcano I enjoyed making the animals and painting the box, I also liked making our houses with popsicle sticks and cardboard.We could've done our houses better they were cricked and they didn't look like real ones. I also should have told my group mates to put green moutains behind the volcano that we are going to erupt. My group did well at making stuff and and I am so happy that we've been talking about what we are going to do,we are all happy that we finished at the same time as everybody else. I learnt that a pouch of tissue with baking soda in it atcually slows down the eruption. We also learnt how to make a volcano erupt. If we erupty and make another volcano, we could put a little more effort in and make our volcano look real.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Islands Of Tonga!

The islands of Tonga is relaxing but pretty hot. The beach it gives you a good view around the deep blue sea and down town. When you go to the beach it reminds you of Fiji because of the fabulous coconut trees and the nice warm sun. I think that the islands of Tonga are pretty nice islands to go to.

Warriors vs Sydney Roosters

Kevin Locke needed a strecher to exit AMI Stadium. It was the roosters who were left behind feeling sick. With only 53 seconds the wingers knew what the had to get a hat-trick try. Lock threw him self to the try line hitting the goal post knowing that he wouldn't let his team down.

Israel Folau is the Best!!!

Israel Folau is the best! The only reason why the Brisborne Broncos always win their matches is because Israel Folau is always there for his team, waiting on the side for a kick, so he can jump and get a try. Israel Folau is like a raven when he jumps in the air and scoops the ball.He is like a crushing bulldozer when he runs up and bumps them off. Israel is the best at stepping.


WWE stands for world wrestling entertaining. Undertaker the phenomenom from dead valley was the world heavy weight champion until Y2j Chris Jericho defeated Undertaker in a singles match. Undertaker tried his best to out smart Jericho but he was too brainy and reversed all Undertakers most hurtful moves. Chris Jericho was angry and he finished Undertaker off with his devastating move - the walls of Chris Jericho.

Justin Beiber information and story.

Justin Beiber was born in 1994 and had started singing at the age of three. Justin had been teaching himself how to play some instruments like the piano, trumpet, guitar and drums.
Justin also entered a local singing competition and came second. Justin Beiber's mum posted all his songs and the video of the local singing competition on Youtube.

Monday, July 5, 2010

State of Origin

New South Wales are warming up for the big game for the State Of Origin Shield. ''Just look at Jarred Hayne from NSW sprinting around the stadium field 120 meters waiting to get a run away try''. ''So just look at Bret White from new south whales doing 40 push ups hardening up his shoulders and chest for some big tackles and for some big bump offs ''. They're ready to go on to the slippery cold foggy field.

It's time for the big game.
Johnathan Thurston kicks it off. Whats this? Jarred Hayne gets the ball and steps Darren Lockeyer he sprints past his team like fifty meters and gets speared by Steve Price. The second rower passes it to Anthony Minichiello and he bumps Steve Price off and gets a try now its 4-0 and New South Wales are wining by three. Now New South Wales got 4 trys and it is finished. New South Wales won and beat Queensland plus they had won the State of Origin Shield.
NSW 20 - Queensland 4

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Most Dangerous Volcano

I enioyed making our volcano erupt by using vinegar and baking soda.My group did really well at making our volcano scene. I like learning about how pressure makes a volcano erupt. Next time my group could do better by woking together.

When I watched my Volcano eruption it was amazing because lava came out of the volcano
and destroyed Eastland. To make my movie better I could've put some interesting things so it
could not be boring to watch. The part that was really good was when the lava that came out of
the volcano and destroyed the land. The thing that I have learnt from doing this eruption was by
using the ingredients to make it erupt. Next time I will change my voice-over to make it better
and interesting.

Wow! Making a volcano was really going to be exiting. We got into partners, we were ready to go and make a such exciting volcano. First we made dough, then made it into a volcano shape. After we shaped our volcano we thought we could do better so we made a perfect shaped volcano. The part we all did well was making a river, trees, clouds and creating the scene. I learned how to make and create other things. To change things next time I will work harder to get higher points and take turns with my partner and help.
Mary L

The Eruption of MT Tapu

Making volcanoes was easy and fun. All you have to get is baking soda, flour, water, salt and dye. Miss King brought all this for us. Making the volcano was so sticky and we painted it. I learned that when a volcano erupted magma turns in to lava. For next time I would add a green screen animation showing people running away from the volcano.

In the begining of exploding our volcano me,Maru,Turuhira and Sesalina were partnears .I enjoyed exploding our volcano and looking at others exploding theres .The thing that we could done better is our voice over. I learnt from doing this about making the volcano and the thing I will change next time is making our voice over more expressive and intresting to listen to.

When we first started art I was excited. My group wasn't good at working together as a team. It was hard to work as a team, We never listened to eachothers conversations about our volcano. I think we learnt more aboutmaking our volcano erupt. When it was time to erupt I couldn't wait because that is what I'd been waiting for. Next time I want my team to work together and help everyone in our team. Our writing was good but we made it to long for our movie, We need to speak fast and put some more intresting detail included.

I enjoyed watching the volcano as it erupted. Heaps of lava came down the mountain. our movie is great but unfortunately our voice over didn't always match. For next time we learnt how to make our voice over a bit faster so it match our movie as well.

The Eruption of New York

We made our volcano and houses and made the volcano erupt too.
We did really well on our writing and voice over we leant a lot about volcanoes. The thing I enjoyed most was watching our volcano erupt I really, really enjoyed it. Next time I hope I work better with my group.

What did I enjoy about it? I enjoyed making our movie. What could we have done better? Not play around during work time. What part did we do really well? Writing our voice over. What did I learn from doing this? I learnt how to make a volcano and an eruption. What would I change for next time? I would change the colour of the volcano.

I enjoyed making our movie because we had fun doing it.
We could have made better objects to make our movie flash.
We did the editing well and perfect.
I learnt how to cut shapes out better and also how to make objects for our scene.
I will change by spending more time on the work were supposed to be doing instead of mucking around.

The Story of Drizzle Town

The thing I liked best was how our volcano erupted like fireworks. We worked well as a team to make our volcano erupt. Next time I would try and make my volcano more realistic and put more effort into making our trees, houses and animations.
I enjoyed making the volcano and watching other's erupt.

I have enjoyed making the volcano erupt with vinegar and baking soda. We could have done better with our background and by making some more animals. We have done reallly well with our voice over and designing our country's houes. I would change our town's name to Volcanic Field because our volcano always erupts.

Dillon Warriors vs Tigers

The Tigers kicked off and the warriors chased the ball. They caught the ball in the air and bumped people off. The reff called 1! The Warriors played the ball and Steve Price chipped it to Vatuvei, he dove for the line - It was a try! The crowd went wild and jumped up and down.
Warriors kicked off and Kevin Locke jumped up, caught the ball and stepped Bengi Marshall but Locke got tackled after he had side stepped. The ball was played and got passed to our prop. He took the run and nearly got through the Tigers ruck. The ball was played again and passed it out to the wingers, but they got driven back and lost the ball. Kevin Locke picked it up and got the best runaway try ever. The Ref blew the whistle and it was full time.