Monday, July 27, 2009

T-Rex Battles

These boys have made an I Can Animate animation showing us how vicious Tyrannosaurus could be towards other dinosaurs.


  1. Cool movie Kayde,Michael and Toko. I wonder how you 3 brainy boys did that? Kia ora.

  2. To the whole class
    It is really great to see the way you have used I Can Animate and KidPix to develop animated stories about your dinosaurs. They show that you have learnt a lot about dinosaurs and have been able to put it all together so you can share your ideas.
    Well done everyone.

    Mr K

  3. Good job on the video!
    Nice movie!
    I have lots to learn about dinosaurs!
    By Salote,Lynette and Megan

  4. Thankyou for posting I think I might post a comment and I hope you learn heaps about dinosaurs. The dinosaur I was studying was the pterodactly.Thankyou