Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Cross Country Animations

These are some animations made in Hyperstudio with peices of our writing that recount our school cross country event.


  1. Well done Room 14, another fantastic set of animations. Listen carefully to your sentences and decide if you really have chosen your best one from your story.
    I think that you all marked each other's work correctly too. I went and checked and I agreed with what you decided. It shows me that you understood exactly what the rubric and task was telling you to do.
    Well done everyone!
    Miss K

  2. Dear Room 14,
    I enjoyed watching your animations and listening to the commentaries. It's obvious that you all worked very hard to accurately communicate your ideas about the Cross Country using animation while making them entertaining.
    Well done everyone!
    Love from Mrs Jarman

  3. Hi Room 14
    What a fabulous blog. I LOVE your animation about the cross country, also Red Riding Hood. You guys are awesome.

    Love from Angel.