Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On Top of Spaghetti

This animation was made by a talented group of girls who storyboarded, animated and put together the movie using Hyperstudio and iMovie.


  1. Well done girls. You have really improved your drawing and animation skills. Next we'll learn how to put it all together in a iMovie so you can do it independently.
    Great stuff!

  2. Kia Ora girls,
    That was a great movie. I liked the way that your animations matched the lyrics to the song. Fantastic job! Your detailed drawings were wonderful too. Room 14 are doing some awesome things. I can't wait to see the next movie.

    Miss Lavakula

  3. Hi girls
    Its me Tina's sister
    you have a nice movie
    from Cindy

  4. Wow! We loved your animation. We enjoyed singing along when we watched it. It was lots of fun! Keep up the wonderful work.

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  6. Hey Room 14!

    I love this song, something I remember singing when I was at school!
    Fantastic animation girls, I can see a lot of hard work went into making it and it certainly was worth the effort!

    Very talented :)

    Miss Fox

  7. Great stuff girls. Your clip put a smile on our faces!

  8. Great video and love the song!