Thursday, November 12, 2009

Forever, Simply ME!

Forever Simply ME!


  1. Hi Room 14,
    Your movie about being "Simply Me" was amazing. I liked the effort and thought you put into it and the animations were great. Tui and Lewis, you made me laugh. Keep up the wonderful work Room 1 4

    Miss Lavakula

  2. Hi there Room 14. Yes as your blog name suggests - you are indeed 'Awesome!'. I thought your movie today was great! I loved how your entire class was involved somehow. Lewis and Tuitalau, you can be very proud of yourselves, you presented your movie well. I'm looking forward to more wonderful things from you. Keep it going team!
    Mrs Tele'a

  3. Hey Room 14 awesome movie. You had so many different,interesting and entertaining parts to it that made it really fun to watch...animations acting acrobatics,song writing and recording. You sure have been working hard. It really made me laugh watching all you boys getting dressed up as girls too- great job.

  4. Congratulations Room 14. This was truly a fabulous movie. And even though all the parts of your movie were wonderful, I also most like the fact that evryone was in it - because I know that is much harder to do then just making a movie with a group. I thought the dancing and acting was great, I loved the animation, and I thought you did so well with your singing!
    Oh, and don't forget the presenters on the film festival day. Well done boys!

  5. We really liked your movie Room 14. You are very good dancers!

  6. Hi Room 14
    I really like your song that you sang and I like your moves too. I like how you smiled Sifa .
    From Anamei

  7. Hi Room 14. I found your movie so entertaining to watch. I loved the animations, the dancing, the acting, the costumes for the boys, and I especially enjoyed your singing. It is obvious that you all put a lot of work into this project and you should be so very proud of it!!! Well done!

  8. Hi Room 14. I thnk you had fun making the video. I had fun watching it.You are all very good - dancing and acting and singing.
    Well done
    Christine King

  9. Hi room 14

    cool movie guys. I loved the singing, acting, animations and dancing. It was very entertaining. Lewis you looked lovely! Your blog also looks fantastic! Well done.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  10. Hi! there Annexe I really like your
    cross country animation it is shows that you can make cool animations !!!!!!!
    From Kelly

  11. Hi!!! Annexe a cool mask you made just like Emilee.!!! do you know that you are a good mask maker...
    From Jade

  12. Hi Annexe well done on your mask one thing can you tell me about how you made it. Can you teel me on Friday Thank-you

  13. Wow! Room14 I relly love your movie so much becuse there a lots of cool moves. Tell me one thing how were the girl in the movie.

  14. Hi Room 14 people. I like your movie called Forever Simply Me. That song was the best! Now that what I call a MOOOvie!

  15. WOW! done room14 i think your class is the bom if i had did that with my class i will make it the same way yous made it but if i did i will need your help but i come a school a long way from yours school so year! I hope you have a nice day THIS WEEK.
    Miss Emilee

  16. Hi room 14

    I really like your story it was really nice and
    keep it up.

    From Destiny & kayla

  17. Hi Room 14
    I like your song because my brother always sing it and I would like you to sing abit louder next time

    From Othaniel

  18. Hi room 14,

    Its Kayde here and I would just like to say wow.I really enjoied the movie that was created by room14.I was in it but it was pretty good.

    From Kayde

  19. Hay! What a cool movie i could have made it the same but i know you guys will win if we a having a race to mack it but i am not good at putting movies togeter o.k got to go
    Chanel Rm.14

  20. He! Room14 wow i love a how you used cool parts to it

  21. Hi Room14 .I like that cool mooovie of yours.Now that what.I call a mOOvie and that was the best song that .I have heard