Friday, September 17, 2010

Talk Like a Pirate Day

What a great way to celebrate all things marine, with a Pirate Day celebration. As usual Pt England School gets right in behind with dress ups, songs and all round hilarity!
Our assembly this morning was a little different - but we think pretty fun!


  1. Ahoy there mee hearteys!!!
    Looks like I'm missing a seriously fun day. Who had the best pirate costume?
    I can't wait to see what next!
    Mrs Nua

  2. Hi, im a student from EDM310 class at University of South Alabama in the United States and I’ve been reading your blog. I thought the Pirate Day celebration was a very unique idea. I liked the way all the kids were dressed in the pirate costumes having an awesome time. Education should be fun and exciting and judging from the video, it looks like you guys had great time learning about marine things. Well keep up the great work!