Friday, February 11, 2011

Netbook Day

Netbook Day was AWESOME!
Mrs Burt has worked so hard to make this happen for us and we are so thankful for her extra help, that meant we were able to experience this amazing event. Thank you Mrs Burt.
Each of us opened our box and found a beautiful, shiny new netbook nestled inside! We did a space launch type countdown to usher in a simultaneous "power on". The ooohhhss and aaaahhhhss could be heard throughout the school - and we gathered quite an audience!
What a super experience for us all, and we can't wait to get cranking with our OWN netbooks, first thing on Monday morning! Sure fire cure for Mondayitis!


  1. Wow, we cant wait to see what exciting things you will get up to with your shiny new netbooks! What are your favourite things to do on them?

  2. hi room13 i think it was cool to oepn the netbook and turn ti on .By chyna

  3. Wow Room 13 - this brings a smile to my face. I must say that one of the highlights of last week was sharing the moment of Room 13 "Going LIVE" with your netbooks. I know you are going to do amazing things. I will be back to see - and I'll pop in across the corridor too :)

    Mrs Burt

  4. Hi ROOM 13!!!

    I liked your video, it was awesome guys, love it. keep up the good videos.

  5. Hi rm13,

    It's cool having net books because you can do any thing you like but you have to listen to the teacher first and take it next term. I hope you have a great time at class and listen to the teacher. Can you ask your teacher thank you for leaving me a comment.

    From Max

  6. Hello room 13 that was cool watching you guys opening the netbooks.You guys are awesome.Keep it up the good work.