Friday, April 15, 2011

The World's Greatest

We love singing R-Kelly's song - "World's Greatest" at our school. Many many years ago we even had some school actions to match.
Miss King decided that the new crew of Pt Englanders needed to learn the moves too.


  1. Well done Rm 13! Poppy and I enjoyed watching your movie :)

    From Ms Mackinlay and Poppy
    Happy holidays!

  2. Love the song and actions.

    Will play it in our school in England.

    Your web page is very bright well done.

  3. Hi there Room 13 and Miss King. I agree! We need to learn the actions again. Miss Vaafusuaga and I were doing them at the back of the hall during our Friday assembly. I think it's great that Mr Music J is teaching it to the children again. A very inspirational song! Thanks Room 13, I think we will play it during PENN week 1 of term 2.

  4. Hi Great Room13,

    I loved your movie about worlds greatest that is my favourite song and I really loved the way you guys had showed the actions to match the song. Keep it up Room 13 and miss King that was so lovely. I am hoping to see you guys post more.
    Love From the Lovely Sela.
    Have a lovely holiday guys and have a lovely easter.

  5. Wow that was awesome Room 13


  6. Good work Girls!!

    Good work girls love it so much more than you will ever ever ever know!!!

    Love the finishing!! MISS YOU GIRLS IT'S BEEN 2012!!!

  7. Hey Girls,

    What a great movie that you made. It has been 1 year since I haven't watched this movie. I loved how you all were in the movie.Keep it up Girls. Icant wait to hear more from you all. Miss you and this movie.