Friday, May 27, 2011

Don't Forget Your Roots


  1. What a strong message you've delivered here. Well done Room 13, what an amazing movie! I absolutely love the voices and little people that surface throughout the movie. You've taught me and reminded me of many important things. Our choices are so very important. Well done Room 13, what talent! Alofa tele, Mrs Tele'a

  2. Hey room 13 I really like your movie and I like your haka it was really funny I like your animations that was a really artistic animation well see you's later!

  3. Hey room 13 I really like your movie it was really nice

  4. Well done Room13 I really enjoyed your movie because you showed the whole world about where the moari came from and your animations and bacround music were good.

  5. Wow- this is very moving Room 13. What an Osum movie you have made with such an important message. Congratulations to all of you.

    Mrs Burt

  6. Wow Room 13, you and your teacher have made an amazing movie!! I was blown away by the messages you all spoke about. You're right, it's very important to remember your roots and where you're from. Great acting and great voice overs. I like how you've got different cultures in there too. What a wonderful idea.

    Great work
    From Miss Lavakula and Room 9

  7. Amazing! Awesome! Fantastic! Beautiful! Terrific! What a wonderful movie with a heart felt message. Keep up the great work Room 13!
    From Miss Walters & her Raising Stars (Room 11)

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  9. MY GOLLY GOSH! Room 13 you strike again! You never cease to amaze me with your talents... animators, singers, clear speakers, dancers, actors, creative and critical thinkers man I hope I get to teach some of you one day (or you teach me) You really make us (PES whanau) proud and we are grateful for all your hard work and dedication. REPRESENT!
    Arohatinonui (Big loves)
    Ms T xxx
    P.S - Don't forget your roots is my favourite song of Six60's :)

  10. Wow Room 13 - that is a fantastic movie! Would you mind if I show it at a staff meeting next week at my school on digital story telling? I want to show them what can be done with video/animation/movies - and that's a great example!


  11. Hi room 13 I like what you did at the pools I will like to go.from anthony

  12. Hi Room 13 and Miss King,
    Congratulations R00m 13 for an amazing script! Combined with the awesome graphics, fine acting and clear voice overs - has made your movie a hit!
    Well done to you all for an amazing movie!

    Room 8 loved your movie so much and laughed out loud when Lesieli was listening to the little voices on her shoulders.

    All the best in your movie entry at the Museum movie awards Rm 13!
    Mrs Tuala

  13. Room 4 RockstarsJune 23, 2011 at 9:33 AM

    Kia ora talented Room 13 kids (and teacher) - this is the 13th admiring comment to Room 13!!!
    Room 4 thinks your movie had amazing animations and a really strong message about standing up for your friends and family and being proud of your roots. We all thought the acting was fantastic and you deserved to win the movie award!!! Arohanui, Room 4.

  14. Hi Room 13

    I LOVE this movie - you're all very talented. This is the first time I have seen your blog and I am VERY impressed! I am sure that my class will enjoy looking at it and commenting too.

    Take Care

    Tara TJ

  15. My Name is Vae-Rose and I am from BMPS

    I liked the drawings and how you used the green screen in this movie.

  16. My name is Kaitlyn

    I liked that you drew pictures of yourselves and it looked like the pictures were talking.

  17. I liked the drawing because they looked cool.

    From Michelle

  18. Hi

    My name is Emma and I liked the Art. I like how you did it on your own...

  19. I liked the animation - It was "Soooooo cool". It was awesome.

    From Zanitha (I'm the one that said sooo cool in our school is cool video)

  20. hi
    my name is suli i love the art is sooooooooooooo cool i love school is cool