Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rugby World Cup - Where were you?

Room 13 have been learning how to understand other's point of view. We thought that people experienced the Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony in such different ways, that it would be a great idea to explore further.
Within our class we found seven different ways that we spent last Friday night. We wrote about each idea in a group, illustrated it and then acted it all for the camera.
On the wall outside outside our classroom you can bring your QR reader and watch all the movies - or simply click the photo below to watch all of them!
Some creative license may have been involved!


  1. Room 13 you are kings!
    I really enjoyed this post. You really explained the different points of view of people on Friday, you even explained my situation!

    Wonderful graphics and speaking.
    You are fab.

  2. I watched all of your videos and thought they were totally awesome.

    I watched the opening ceremony at Wellington airport on the big screen but it sounds like you had an even better experience.

    I loved your backgrounds too BTW.

    Keep up the great work.


    Nelson, NZ

  3. Thanks Room 13, I am sure there is a point of view story here that everyone can relate to.

    Where was I? I was at home sick but still really enjoyed watching the opening ceremony and game on TV.

    My husband was at Eden Park, he caught the train but was lucky enough not to get trapped. Coming home was another story though. Arriving at the station the queue was about 1km long so I had to drive to pick him up!

    I am going to the Australia/Ireland game tonight…I won't be taking the train ;-)

  4. What rich and varied experiences you all had Room 13. Your teacher has chosen a powerful way to pull them altogether. I had so much fun watching all YOUR movies, and now I have to tell you my story. We went to Eden Park and first we waited for more than an hour at GI for the train. They all went past us - too full to stop. So Mr Burt went and got his car and drove us to Newmarket where we caught a bus. It dropped us outside the Park just as the gates were opening. Perfect. Then we had a night to remember, the ceremony, the fireworks, the hakas, the game - and the food and music. So much fun and I was proud to be a New Zealander.

    Mrs Buurt

  5. Well done room 13! I love the graphics you used in these videos. You have obviously learnt a lot about other people's points of view. The RWC feels like a long time ago now, I hope you have continued developing your creativity and learning :-)