Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Trip to Cornwall Park

Room 13 went on a trip to Cornwall Park to go to Auckland's Stardome. It was a beautiful day so we decided to climb One Tree Hill as well. The fun began when we tried to get back down again!
To recount our trip we have written 50 word stories. It was heaps harder than we thought it would be, just writing 50 words to tell a whole story was tricky.

‘What! we have to walk all the way to the top. Thirsty,tired,hot and grumpy. why did I leave my shoes at school? finally we had made it. Time for a rest . Looking out at Auckland, it seemed so small. Rolling,flipping sliding we tumbled into the crater. “Ouch!” - Isiah

Shaking, I stood up. Laughter echoed around the crater. “Be quiet”, I muttered.  Running down a  hill, landing  on my head and doing a flip. Was that a pleasant way to spend the trip? No it wasn’t. I brushed myself off and stomped towards the tree to relax in peace. - Thea

Walking to the top of the mountain, I whispered “Am I almost there?”. So thirsty. Quickly running and feeling the wind as it blew my hair. “FREEDOM!!!”. Relaxed and calm, a cool breeze. Looking out into the clouds, the view was spectacular. Running down the hill I nearly fell over. - Gloria

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