Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Finding Fractions of Whole Numbers

A great way to show Miss King what the Squares managed to teach themselves in one short maths session.


  1. Wow! What a great way to share your learning and knowledge. I loved the way you all spoke clearly and showed us all how you worked out the answers. Very clever! I am going to use your movie to teach a group how to solve problems involving fractions. If you can do it, then kids in Year 7 & 8 can do it. This is a great example of Learn, Create, Share!

  2. Absolutely amazing! This is a great way to solve math in a fun way. Math is amazing, don't you think? You have different way of solving a problem but ultimately you get the same answer.

  3. Hi I like that it was so cool now I known how to do that hahah buy

  4. Hi Room 13,
    Thanks for teaching us how to find fractions of numbers.
    We are only Year 4 and we hadn't learnt how to do that yet.
    Room 15
    Our Lady Star of the Sea School, Howick